10 Secrets You Will Never Know About Nodejs Development

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If you are new to Nodejs, then you must be thinking what Node.js is all about. Node.js is a framework and it is not a programming language. The next question is, does it support multi-threads? Is it quite difficult to learn to develop apps with node? As you can see there are so many questions which come in your mind for Nodejs. So before searching for node js web development, you need to understand what Node.js is.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is basically a platform for building on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. It is a cross-platform, open-source, back-end JavaScript runtime environment. The framework generally runs on V8 engine and then after executing JavaScript. The specific framework is not perfect but yes it works excellently for building server -side web apps in JavaScript. It is simple to use for handling web development tasks. Furthermore, it is resource and cost efficient for website building. Also, it works great for APIs for web/mobile integration, and standalone software.

It is the fact that the popularity of anything completely depends on rumors and misconceptions. Indeed, Node.js is becoming quite popular these days. Many people have false beliefs regarding this. The particular blog will help you to know the myths and truths of Nodejs. In case you are in search of nodejs development company, this blog will be helpful for you.

Growth of Node.js Development

We can see the rapid growth in Java Scripting is increasing. Node.js have successfully made an impressive impact on the developers. They love Node.js and use it alongside other JS structures and devices to make a smooth user experience in any OS.

Discover the Facts about Node.js Development

This framework is quite different in many ways. Most probably, the particular one is a server-side platform. In this, JavaScript is not restricted to the front-end particularly. It also permits work from different browsers. In short, running code on the server gives the quick processing capabilities.

1. JavaScript

Indeed, using JavaScript is the easiest and quite popular way for developing apps in the browser. A developer can do it with programming languages, but it is not so easy to do it. Interestingly, JavaScript is a well-liked language on GitHub. It can also be used across multiple OS.

2. Google Chrome

With the assistance of Google Developer tools, you can easily perform debugging tasks. Along with this, in Chrome 57+ there is a Node.js debugging feature which is set by default. This can be used to remove errors in the front-end as well as backend.

3. JavaScript Object Notation

It permits developers to build APIs in a quick manner. Earlier, programming,dynamic data in a browser had to be carefully altered in JavaScript.

What are the Myths and Truths of Node.js?

It is said to be the server engine that can be used to edit as well as adjust and it will definitely work after setting up. Along with this, you can freely manipulate it with other JS tools, connectors, and JS tools. Apart from this, Node and JavaScript will permit you to create easy web servers with a few lines of code.

Sometimes, people confront a few misconceptions about Node.js development, here you can see the common myths:

Myths of Node.js

  • People says that is is a framework
  • Depend on Chrome V8 engine only
  • It doesn’t support multi-threads
  • The developers won’t work with Node.

Facts of Node.js

  • Node. js is generally a server capable of executing JavaScript
  • It is said to be a cross-platform system and open source for building any web applications.
  • It offers asynchronous and event-driven APIs.
  • Any programmer known with JavaScript can easily learn Node instantly.

With this, let’s understand what are the pros and cons of Node.js Development.

Node.js Development- Pros and Cons


  1. For any developer, it is simple to learn.
  2. It is easy to stream large files.
  3. A runtime supports the cache of modules.
  4. Event-driven output/input guarantees better request handling.
  5. Trouble-free deployment of web applications.


  1. Uncertain enhancement API.
  2. It is not considered as an optimal solution for tasks intensive.
  3. Split point of view about the asynchronous approach.

Why Notejs is Excellent?

Let’s take a look at some of the areas where Node.js is considered excellent. Check out the below-mentioned points:

1. Chat

A messaging chat app will show you all the excellent Node.js. It is good to learn the Node framework while doing a chat. The reason is that it covers the entire paradigms of a typical Node.js app.

2. Web Apps Server-Side

It is possible to make classic web applications after pairing Express.js and Node.js. On the other hand, in case your app is low on CPU computation, you can build completely in JavaScript.

3. Streaming of Data

A Nodejs developer can use Node.js for creating some positive features, without any hurdle. For example- File processing at the time of just being uploaded.

4. Dashboards Monitoring

Node.js can be used for collecting the real-time data about visualizations and website visitors. Apart from this, the particular framework can be used nicely to create system dashboards.

We hope that you have got an idea of the secrets of Nodejs Development. Apart from this, how you can brilliantly use it for your work is also mentioned in the blog.


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