Shoppable Instagram Feed: How Instagram Posts Can Bring Successful Online Sales

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Instagram has become one of the essential vehicles for brand recognition and product promotion as it has over a billion monthly active users.

When it comes to content creation for your business on Instagram, it is necessary to transform your Instagram feed into an aesthetic one. The goal is to make it appealing to the masses.

At one point, you were only able to create links to your eCommerce listing with the help of paid advertisement that would unlock the ability to add a direct link to your Instagram post.

It is still a great way to generate sales from your viewers and your target audience. But now marketers have found a new way to generate sales, with a shoppable Instagram feed.

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What Is A Shoppable Instagram Feed?

The Shoppable Instagram feed or shoppable posts feature allows you to tag products in your posts and your stories on Instagram so that the users can click on them and go straight to the brand’s website to buy.

It is a perfect addition as it cuts down the gap between a visitor or a follower and turns them into customers. This feature is crucial for businesses who wish to sell their products to a larger audience. Although you cannot tag a service, this is strictly for physical goods.

In simple words, Instagram shoppable feed acts as a visual catalog for the brands to showcase their products and merchandise with the product details, specifications, and price tags that help the brands reduce customer’s purchase time.

So, let’s move further to understand how the shoppable Instagram feed can bring successful online sales for your business.

How Shoppable Instagram Feed Bring Successful Online Sales?

1. Easy Online Shopping For Customers

As social media is growing fast, peoples’ patience time is decreasing. They prefer easier things. Instagram shoppable feeds are one such solution as they are easy to discover, and you can do shopping with just a few clicks.

By putting the shoppable feed feature on your Instagram business profile, you attract more audience as it is something new and people are still discovering it. They spend more time on your business profile, and once they learn how easy the process is, they are more likely to become your customer, and you can expect more visits from them.

2. Easy Product Discovery And More Reach

Instagram users love scrolling through posts and discovering new businesses. If you upload your product images using specific hashtags in the caption, it will be easy for potential customers to find your products.

When they realize that along with discovering, they can also buy the product with just a few clicks, they will get encouraged to become your loyal customer and return in the future after experiencing the smooth procedure.

3. Modern Form Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a very beneficial tool. More than nine out of ten marketers today rely on influencer marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. It is important to choose influencers that have an audience similar to your target audience.

When you upload pictures of influencers wearing your product as a shoppable feed, potential customers are more likely to stop by and check out the product, which will eventually result in more sales.

4. Drive Traffic To Your eCommerce Store

Every time an Instagram user comes across your product, they are more likely to be curious looking at the small bag icon at the bottom.

Along with spending time scrolling through your feed on Instagram, the chances are high that they will visit your website to know more about you. The picture quality of your product plays a vital role in influencing people to visit your store website, which will drive traffic.

5. Multiple Products In One Post

The “Shop the Look” trend has been known by everyone. Brands have taken benefit of it by showcasing multiple products in one post. With Instagram shoppable feed, you can now tag multiple products in one post too.

Use pictures of your customers to display real-life experiences to build brand trust. You can also display content created by influencers. All this will help to create engagement and generate more sales.

6. Easy To Access Product Details

It is quite often that customers don’t always rely on the images, as it is believed that they are filtered, edited, and might not the best deciding factor for making the purchase. The description of a product plays a vital role in whether the customer will buy your product or not.

Instagram shoppable feed provides easy access to product descriptions with just one click. You just have to focus on writing honest and easy-to-understand descriptions. It would eventually become a contributing factor to more sales.

Over To You

With so many trends changing, again and again, your brand needs to form consistency to remain relevant. Shoppable Instagram Feed is your path to relevancy in this ever-changing world.

We come to the end of this blog, where you got to know how shoppable Instagram feed can bring you successful online sales. Now you are all set to dive into this stream of increasing sales and ROI.

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