Top 9 Timeline WordPress Plugins for 2023

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Showcase your brand history in chronological order helps individuals to understand your online business. For that, you can use timeline plugins that help you to describe your story attractively. Perhaps, it will build trust among the audience.

In this article, we have explained the top best Timeline WordPress plugins. These plugins provide several in-built templates and easy customization options to create a unique and best-fit timeline on your website. That attracts more visitors to your site.

Let’s start without any further ado.

Best Timeline WordPress Plugins for 2023

1. WP Timeline Designer Pro

The WP Timeline Designer Pro is an effective WordPress plugin to beautify your blog with an eye-catching timeline. The plugin supports 12 unique templates with 50+ design layouts for different categories.

The single layout template includes several options to control and customize your website posts’ style and design. Moreover, this timeline designer plugin has various features like social media sharing, advanced filters, pagination, media option, post options, and many more. It helps you to attract more visitors to your blog or website. This plugin is easy to manage for beginners to website developers.

2. Blog Designer Pro

The Blog Designer Pro is a fully responsive WordPress plugin that helps you to design an attractive blog layout as per your needs. This plugin is popular to attract more blog readers to your blog page. It supports precisely developed 50 templates for different categories.

The plugin has lots of options to control your blog style and design like font style, font color, and many more. It is useful for all types of websites. Importantly, this plugin is easy to manage for beginners to developers.

3. Zoom Timeline

The Zoom Timeline is an awesome WordPress plugin for showcasing company timeline, history, shipping history, tracking display, timeline slider, etc. You can directly insert timeline elements into the visual composer. This plugin is developed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind from the group up.

This plugin is compatible with almost all major browsers from IE9 to IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Apart from this, the plugin is iOS and Android optimized and has a straightforward and easy-to-use admin panel.

4. Cool Timeline Pro

The Cool Timeline Pro is a wonderful WordPress plugin that displays your stories in a great timeline format by setting images, videos, slide-show, and customizing the design according to your theme. This plugin is best for creating a timeline theme with a 40+ timeline design.

Furthermore, this plugin has an advanced admin panel with several options for styling, customizing, and many more. If you are using a classical code editor while inserting a new web page or post, then you can smoothly add a shortcode inside any page with the help of a shortcode generator tool.

5. Post Timeline

The Post Timeline WordPress plugin provides you with the finest way to show events, stories, appointments, and various other things. This plugin supports 23 timeline templates and 5 navigation styles for the timeline.

In addition to this, you can develop a vertical, horizontal, single, or two-sided timeline on your blog or web page. You can also customize your timeline according to your requirements.

6. Bold Timeline

The Bold Timeline is a great WordPress plugin that can display any sequence of events or steps in different ways. It is a fully responsive plugin and looks amazing on any screen size.

The plugin provides many options from a vertical and horizontal orientation to setting color, font, icons, media, shape, style, etc. It has its own shortcode builder that makes it easy to use with any WordPress page builder.

7. Everest Timeline

The Everest Timeline WordPress plugin comes with 50+ beautiful pre-developed templates that attractively showcase your story timeline. The plugin supports different timeline layouts like vertical and horizontal timeline layouts, one-side layouts, Facebook layouts, Twitter layouts, and many more. All the layout provides several styling and customizing options.

This plugin supports media such as images, sliders, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and HTML videos on your timeline. Apart from this, it is a shortcode-ready and widget-ready plugin that permits you to design a unique story or event timeline in a few minutes.

8. Visual Line Timeline

The Visual Line Timeline WordPress plugin works as an add-on for a visual composer. It is a fully responsive plugin with six different timeline designs. You can create a timeline using post queries with any post type.

This plugin supports a one-click timeline template using composer templates. You can display your timeline in left, right, or center orientation. Additionally, you can set any color as per your needs for timeline elements.

9. WP Timeline

The WP Timeline is a stunning WordPress plugin that provides a user-friendly interface to showcase timelines, stories, and histories on the website. You can easily control everything from creating to showcasing a timeline on your blog or web page. The plugin supports 45+ unique layouts and 40+ animation options available for the timeline.

With this plugin, you can show different media like video, audio, and gallery on a timeline. You can also showcase any post types, tags, taxonomy, and category at any location using shortcodes.

Final Thought!

That’s all. We hope this article helps you to create an attractive timeline for your blog or web page. You can easily install any of the above-illustrated WordPress plugins and showcase the timeline on your WordPress website according to your requirements. Perhaps, these plugins enhance user experience and bring more visitors’ attention to your online brand.

Choose wisely the best-fit timeline plugin for your website!

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