How Does WordPress Hosting Help Optimize Your Site Performance?

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Hosting and WordPress hosting is not one and the same thing. WordPress hosting is not just like any other regular hosting plan as it is special in its own ways. Still so many of out there are unaware of the great advantages, WordPress hosting brings with it.

What do you expect from your hosting provider? Blazing-fast performance, multi-layered security, and unlimited resources right. Let me surprise you with the fact that with WordPress hosting you get all of it on a single platform. Don’t worry, with this detailed guide you will clear with all your doubts.

We know that you would choose the best for your website or application but want to make sure that you are aware of the functions and features provided WordPress hosting. When your website gets the treatment of WordPress hosting service, the peaks they might reach can be beyond all your imaginations.

General web hostingWordPress hosting
Common web hosting is similar to any other shared hosting service wherein there are multiple websites shared over a single physical server. They might host WordPress based websites as well but there will be other ones along too. This clearly explains that general web hosting is not designed so as to tackle WordPress specific issues and thus not best suitable for WordPress based websites.WordPress hosting on the other hand is quite different from normal web hosting as on WordPress only the other WordPress installs share the same server and the resources. This type of sharing can be termed as exclusive sharing like no other general kind of website can be hosted over it. The whole designing and the infrastructure is designed in such a way so as to serve all the issues of WordPress.

Selecting WordPress hosting for your WordPress can turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life. But before deciding for this you must know about the versions of WordPress in detail. You might be thinking that choosing WordPress as your CMS, there is nothing much left to worry about. But the two versions serve a very different purpose and can lead to very different results in the end.

WordPress org vs com is the informational version of WordPress the version which is more commonly used. It gives information about all WordPress in general and notifies the new releases or updates of WordPress. It also acts as the source from where you can install the WordPress software. The software downloaded can be taken to any other web host. Hence, this version of WordPress can be easily installed on your server.
WordPress.comNow if we talk about is more of a business website through which they make actual business. Like when you build your website, firstly you get a domain for your website. Similarly, provides you with a subdomain in the name of WordPress only. For example, your website will somewhat look like this- “”. People cannot access your website by trying any other name other than this.

Once you have chosen the right WordPress version fit for your website, improvement in performance is inevitable.

Let’s go through the advantages of WordPress one by one-

Advantages of WordPress

advantages of WordPress

1. Enhanced speed and performance

No one can guarantee improved website speed by one or two factors. But at WordPress, several variables make guarantee improvement in the website speed. As website speed improves, it indirectly improves website performance as both go hand in hand. But what are these variables that make WordPress so different from other normal web hosting present in the market-

  • When your website is hosted on cheap WordPress hosting itself, resource usage becomes very predictable. This is because WordPress knows better about the number of resources that a website hosted on its domain might need in the present and the future.
  • WordPress hosting is very much critical regarding server configuration. It is more specific and website centered and thus better.
  • When your website will be hosted over cheap WordPress hosting you will observe that updates will be carried out more frequently and faster.

2. Resource allocation

WordPress is very intelligent as it knows what should run on a specific server and plans accordingly making use of the best in the market technology. As it is so integral to them, they are able to allocate the resources accordingly and configure the server also easily. Most of the features that come in hand are of ultimate use.

3. More secured

WordPress is known to be one of the most secure hosting platforms and has been carrying this title for so long in the market. Once the subdomain of WordPress is added to your website, there is no looking back. You are encapsulated from all the vulnerabilities and perform with all the convenience. It is needless to prove how secured which is why it is so worth putting your money into it. Although due to the popularity of WordPress, it has been a popular target for negative game planners. There are WordPress-specific threats that exist today and only WordPress-hosted websites know how to deal with them and get rid of them. Instant upgrades and bulk patching processes completely remove those vulnerabilities. The routine maintenance services further improve and keep you tension free from the security factor also.

4. 24*7 customer support

WordPress is known to have the best in-house customer support and handles all your issues within minutes. The best part is that WordPress helps with issues related to both the hosting as well as WordPress software. The support can be termed as one-stop go-to support that comes in hand along with all kinds of WordPress hosting plans.

If you also admire and desire incredibly high speed, solid security, updates before time, a world-class support team, and the best uptime, then WordPress is what you are looking for. Wait the most surprising is yet to be disclosed which is the affordable pricing of WordPress hosting. With this profitability is something that you are going to adore for years.

So, yes you took the right decision of shifting to WordPress hosting and if not still then what are you waiting for?

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