5 Best Running Apps for iPhone in 2023

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The smartphone has become the go-to for everything for most people. These little yet powerful pieces of technology are being used for saving memories, setting schedules, getting directions, keeping in touch with loved ones, doing office and house chores, and much more.

On top of all the uses, if you are a health-conscious person, a smartphone can be your companion in that too. For those who want to keep track of their running routine, here are the 5 Best Running Apps for iPhone.

Best Running Apps for iPhone 2023

1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is the simplest possible and one of the easy-to-use apps available in the market. This app is designed to keep the tracking in a simple-to-understand format. You will get information about the pace, distance, time, calories burnt, and much more.

You can check the log to see your progress and make changes to achieve targets accordingly. It is available for free with in-app purchases.

2. Map My Run

The app gives you access to general information like pace, distance covered, calories burnt, time spent on the track, and much more. It also lets you connect your fitness trackers and bands for heart rate monitoring.

There is an option to add information like food you have consumed and you can also keep a tab on the shoe usage. The app will alert you when it is time to buy a new pair which is very important information for regular runners. It is available for free on the App Store with an option of in-app purchases.

3. Runtastic

It is one of the most popular tracking apps available on the App Store. It is a basic and simple to use app that connects to Google Earth for route mapping. The graphs and charts give you in-depth information about your daily running routine.

The app comes with in-built training schedules and it can sync with music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora for easy music streaming while running. It is one of the best choices for those who travel a lot and run in new cities very often. The app is available for free with an option of in-app purchases.

4. Nike+ Running

Nike is a well-known name in the field of sports merchandise and accessories. The app saves information like pace, distance, time, and calories burnt. It has an option to set the terrain like a treadmill, sidewalk, or trails for better information gathering.

You can set personal goals and challenge friends from the app. There is an option to upload a power song and the app will play it when you need a boost while working out. The app is free to use.

5. Couch- to- 5K

For those who are trying to get fit and set their running routine, this is the best possible option. The app acts as a coach to take you away from your couch and reach the target of 5k in just 9 weeks. The build-in training system is designed for novice users. The app is available for free on the App Store.

Keeping up in good shape is important for a long and healthy life. These apps can definitely help you in tracking your progress in running the regime.

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