5 Best VR Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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Virtual Reality or VR has been around as a lucrative feature for quite some time now. There are a lot of different fields that are using VR as the technology of the future. Whether it is the field of gaming, real estate, classrooms, or movies, VR has found its way and is important in almost every field that is or can use video-based interaction.

However, the technology is still thriving to reach its maximum potential and unfortunately, Apple seems to be no way near to finalizing iGlasses. However, third-party players are making quite remarkable success such as Zeiss VR One or Google Cardboard.

To run VR content on your phone you will need a VR headset otherwise you will end up swiping the content left and right. There are a lot of VR apps that you can use to experience amazing adventures in the world of Virtual Reality. Here is the list of the 5 best VR apps for iPhones that are standing tall in the market with a ton of features and options to explore.

Best VR Apps for iPhone and iPad 2023

1. Google Cardboard

When it comes to technology that can bring the revolution in the industry, one company does not like to stand behind. Google has introduced Google Cardboard along with an interactive VR app for iPhone users. This app is free and offers five VR experiences to the users. It also guides about how to set up a VR headset on the iPhone. With this app, you can experience the virtual trip to the Eiffel tower, urban hike, museums, and exhibits, and Northern Lights.

2. YouTube

360-degree videos are gaining popularity to an unexpected level. The artists nowadays are publishing videos in a 360-degree format where you can experience being in the music video. There is a lot of new VR content published almost every day on YouTube for you to explore. As more creators are opting for VR videos, the coming future in this field seems interesting and full of excitement.

3. Discovery VR

Have you ever wondered how it felt like to be a part of the crew on Discovery Channel? If yes, you should try the Discovery VR app. The channel has produced some of its most popular shows in VR formats such as Shark Week, Rhino Rescues, and Dublin Street Dancing.

There is some footage of rollercoasters available which can take you on a ride of adrenaline rush. When you download an app from a reputed brand you expect a neat design, interactive user interface, and a lot of options. Discovery VR fits right into the expectation and delivers what it is meant to deliver i.e. high-quality VR content.


Newspapers are doing everything to keep the readers excited. NYT or New York Times has come up with a VR app where they publish high-quality VR content every month. The content revolves around the locations where you cannot go such as being embedded with Iraqi forces fighting ISIS in Fallujah or exploring the virtual universe around Pluto. NYT is experimenting with different categories and exploring different ways to publish news in VR format.

5. InCell VR

Though it is a game it deserves a mention in this list. If you explore this app you will realize it is more of a science app that takes you on an adventure inside the human body. As you move ahead collecting points in the game, you will learn a lot about the human body and its anatomy. The overall experience in this app will be wonderful and full of knowledge.

VR or Virtual Reality has seen innovative changes in the past few years and it is expected to become of the hottest selling cakes sooner than later. The companies are continuously trying to find out different ways to use the technology to interact with more customers which only means that there will be a lot of content for you to explore.

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