10 User-Friendly Writing Apps To Be A Better Writer

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Looking to be a better writer? Then have a look at these pro writing apps.

To be a professional writer, you look for help. But a person is unlikely to be available for you to teach you, so you opt for online applications and software. Online sites and apps aid you to refine writing styles, grammar faults, and influencing audiences.

We have discovered a combo pack of writing tools you may prefer them.

10 Best Writing Apps To Be A Better Writer

1. Calmly Writer

With Calmly Writer, you are being able to concentrate on your work. This exclusive writing app offers you a plain dashboard for writing text. You might be surprised that there is no feature or drag-drop feature. In this way, you have changed to increase your attention on work, just sit on a chair and head over to calmly interface and start writing.

When it comes to formatting, you need to select a section you want to edit and the tool will show some features to define words in a specific manner by setting up heading tags, bold-italic, inserting links, and much more.


  • Writing assignment backups
  • Responsive dashboard
  • Dark mode for those who want to write white words with black background
  • Full-screen mode
  • Automatic word counter

2. Hemingway App

To achieve a great audience base or increase user engagement, you need to get an awesome tool that tells you your content readability, that’s Hemingway App does work. This tool is completely free to available and open to all.

It gives the output based on the score. Typically “6” score count is considered ideal. Besides Hemingway App offers you to correct your sentences to improve your readability score. Hemingway editor does let you edit adverbs, passive voices, and alternative words, as well as which sentences are hard to read.

You can also use the Hemingway App for writing articles.

3. Airstory

Through Airstory you are entitled to put all your content in a single place. Even though airstory has premium plans with additional features but you can utilize the free version. This Airstory dashboard is rather similar to the calmly editor in terms of the dashboard and easy-to-use functionality.

You can add new sections like images, videos, and new paragraphs by clicking + sign. Inside the writing section, you receive the “share button” which means you are allowed to distribute your content once the work is done.

Rather aid story does offer you a publish button that can be used to connect your content with airstory template, Google Drive, and HTML editor.

4. Ginger writing

Ginger writing apps can be downloaded on android devices. It does offer easy-to-install chrome extensions for free that helps you identify article mistakes even in word and Google docs file.

Writers can detect grammatical mistakes including sentence structure, punctuation, and style. By employing Ginger software, may beginner writers have to boost their English grammar skills along with their writing level.

Inside Ginger, translation, synonyms, definition, and sentence rephraser are much more useful for writers who are hunting for a helpful tool like ginger.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular content checker tools that can be started using for free. Also, it is one of the simplest writing tools that reveal all hidden errors from major to minder, punctuation, tense errors, and writing levels.

It gives a straight output based on delivery, engagement, clarity, and correctness.
While adding your piece, it asks you about the level of text you are checking for. In which you are given several parameters to set up such as audience, formality, domain, tone, and intent.

Without delay, being a writer you should start accessing Grammarly editor.

6. Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge is the next writing app on our great list to strengthen your writing. This app is potentially strong to develop your challenges-taking habits.

Writes always get stuck or confused somewhere in the procedure of crafting content which makes them disappointed and they might end up leaving writing.

But “writing challenge” generates loads of ideas for you once a word is searched inside and you will be writing without a lack of new ideas for writing.

7. iA Writer

iA writer apps are downloaded in windows and android apps. Your tool is compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone. You are allowed a clean and simple writing interface that is good for distraction-free writing goals.

iA writer was founded in late 2010 aiming to provide comfort to pro writers. So far, approx. 6, 00,000 users have downloaded iA writer applications into their devices. I recommend reading guidelines before start writing.

8. Scrivener

This is a word-processing program and a well-designed tool for authors. Not only we writers, novelists, story writers, fiction writers, and students, and literature may also utilize scriveners for their assignments.

Writes can make a combination of all content pieces and find them easily in need. Define bold, italic, and additional formation styles inside word editors. Also, third-party files can be imported for free.

Corkboard is a new interesting feature in which you can display all the work in short image formats. Before writing content, you can set an outline, its examples, and essential graphics.

9. Readable

Readable application is almost similar to Hemingway’s editor that is accountable to check the readability level of text you are going to live. But readable is a bit different from, unlike features.

When you add your text to the dashboard, it gives you grades and scores at the moment. But to get extra advantages, it displays writing style issues and language issues. If you pay attention to improving both issues, you might enhance your writing level by making corrections in written text.

10. Blurt App

Do you want to transform your thoughts into words and then start using a blurt app that is a source of awesome interface and features?

To use blurt, you have to create your account first.

You can set up your readability with your score within a while. Sentences that are hard to read for readers can be identified and improved.

Blurt App has smart features to compose an article with less effort. Define H1, H2, and other essential heading tags to have a structured article to be published or shared.

Working on multiple projects then you can effortlessly manage all the projects with their details. Also finding a sheet will not be hard as you will reach out to your sheet.

Lastly, this tool offers a dedicated URL of your post that can be utilized to share on any social media platform.

Title Generator Tools that Help to Write a Better Headline

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

An article cannot be engaging if you do not write a standout title tag.

This is a title generator tool. After performing over Hubspot you will end some useful titles and unique titles to be written a blog post.

After planning an article you will have to start working on a great title that should be something exceptional that has not even been found by anyone else.

Before crafting content I always prefer to access HubSpot to discover an amazing title.

You also need to write a clickbait title tag for an article. Hubspot blog topic generator tool will help you to improve clicks, engage readers, and write a great article.

2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Many bloggers face such obstacles if they have recently finished a post that what topics should be selected for next.

The portent idea generator tool helps bloggers and content writers to provide a discussion over new topics.

The portent is user-friendly software. You need to enter a topic name for which you are looking for information and suggestions. Keep pressing the refresh button to get new ideas.

3. The Hoth

The Hoth is an advanced-level of title generator tool.

Other tools demand only the topics’ names to filter the appropriate solution. But things are different with the hoth.

To find titles for a topic, you need to submit relevant keywords, LSI Keywords, a common problem, the name of an industry, and the name of your target audience.

Hopefully, you will end up with great ideas.

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