The Ultimate Guide on WordPress Poll Plugin (with Images)

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Are you in search of the ultimate WordPress poll plugin? Worry no more. The online WordPress poll has been in existence for sometimes now. That means there are several poll plugins on the directory of All you need is to choose the most suitable poll that will work for you. The good news is that the poll plugin for WordPress can do much more than the online ones. This is because it can be used to make questionnaires, quizzes, contact forms, surveys, or whatever your website needs.

In this post, we will address the most powerful poll plugin being the best WordPress form maker. In this case, we are going to discuss the formidable forms.

A WordPress poll plugin with images

Using WordPress to host surveys and polls, there is a new way to take your website to the next level. You can do this by incorporating a WordPress poll plugin with images on your platform. That means your poll answers can be made into images instead of using text

It is a simple yet powerful method where you can choose one option from several of them. That means you will select the picture or the provided images that represent the texts.

Adding images to your polls

Adding images to your polls

It is easy to add images to your form. What you need to do is add a radio button and checkbox field in your form. From there, choose the use of images options. It will replace the traditional radio button and checkbox with pictures of your choice.

select the size of the picture

You can select the size of the picture you are adding with ease from the dropdown box provided in the field options. There are different default size options from which you can select. They include the small, medium, large and extra-large options.

From there, you may want to format the look of your poll images. You can edit everything to suit your interests. The visual form styler can do this without having to code or use CSS! After that, you need to upload your image. All you need to do is click on the button to upload the image. You can select the new image and choose the existing image from your device.

Adding polls straight from the dashboard of your WordPress website

It is very easy creating polls in WordPress, especially if you are familiar with formidable. You have to create a new form and use it. From there, you should drop and drag form builder to the field. Finally, you have to finish up and customize the field option. It is as easy as that.

Now that you are done creating your poll, you will need to publish it. It is easy doing it. You need to copy and paste the shortcodes of any post or webpage from your platform. Also, you can publish a poll in any widget area on your site. You can do this by use of the shortcodes and the formidable forms.

Adding images to your survey forms

Using the formidable forms, you can add several polls to your website at ease. You can add any formidable form and the responsive WordPress polls. That way, you will be in a position to replace the radio buttons or the checkboxes with images.


Do you want to create quizzes? Then formidable got your back. It helps you add relatable images to your questions. This makes them easier to understand, which will make them go viral and reach many people.

In case you are building quizzes for the school’s multiple-choice questions having images will be a whole new thing. It would help if you used the formidable quiz maker add-on to make work easier.


If you want to enhance conversions on your survey, it is good you make them more engaging. That is the reason several blog articles have got images that invoke the reader’s attention.

Contact form

These forms will help your customers to reach out to you easily. It could be they want to make an inquiry or suggestion for your company. You can make it through the use of the contact forms. Make it easy for your customers by offering them an option to choose from the dropdown menu to select an exciting image.

Signup forms

This image will help your customers sign up for the correct email list from a similar signup form. This image powered signup form helps attract the attention of more people and subscribers to your website.

WordPress poll plugin features

These are the advanced features of formidable that make it easy to maximize people’s engagement on your platform. You can do this by adding images that will replace buttons and checkboxes. Here are great features that are crucial for your site.

Graphs, charts, and report

People love seeing the results of the poll at the exact time after they complete it. You can display the result in different ways. It could either via the graphs or charts. With formidable, it is something you should keep customizing.

Smart condition logic

Give tailor questions to your audience. Provide different questions for people of varying age groups. You can do this by asking them about their age. From there, you can begin your poll and use the condition logic to determine how the questions should appear.

Display the data views

Having the formidable views feature, you can make your form’s data into what you want. Users answer questions, and upon doing it, they will know the character they are similar to. With this feature, you can configure your questions to display the image, text, and link to share the items directly!

Integration with email and CRM platforms

You will love using the CRM platforms in the likes of mail chimp, hotspot, or the woo-commerce to integrate powerful, formidable forms. There are many integrations and add-ons you can make to ensure it plays well with your website.


If you want to create a WordPress poll plugin that is visually interactive, then the opinion stag is a good example. It offers you various colors and designs that will help you enhance the look of your poll plugin. We hope this article provides useful guidance on using images for your WordPress poll plugin that you can incorporate into your site.

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