How Do I Make My Social Media Posts More Engaging?

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Social media is the new entrant in the marketing world. It is beginning to spread its wings in the marketing world to reach new heights, as for many businesses around the globe, it’s the catalyst for their brand growth.

If done skillfully in an ordered manner, the chain-reaction effect of social media creates waves of positivity, which skyrockets brand awareness for many companies and ultimately improves conversion to bring more revenue.

Some exciting statistics might interest you to choose social media for your branding and marketing purposes. Statistics say that around 3.78 billion social media users worldwide spend about 25 minutes per day on average on social media.

Among them, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. Some companies can assist you in tapping into this power if you are not sure you can do it alone. You can get social media post design company to be your companion in the journey of social media marketing.

Ways To Make Social Media Posts More Engaging

1. Speak about the topic and not the brand alone

In many situations, it’s essential to start a conversation with your potential customer. A conversation is a two-way process if it’s only you who is speaking it becomes monotonous and buyers lose interest, it’s important to get them talking as well.

If you are a new entrant, a simple social media post is not enough, and you can join groups relevant to your company and start a conversation there to let people notice your presence.

2. Share other people’s content to provide better knowledge

If you get a query from a customer whose detailed answer is not with you, make use of someone else’s content that can provide a better explanation; remember to provide credit.

These will improve the trust of your customers, as they notice you deliver what they need, whether it comes from you or not. Keeping your content diversified yet aligned with your company will keep your customers interested. So start sharing!

3. Providing the feeling of engagement to customers

You can limit yourself to sharing customers’ posts or go a step beyond by giving direct responses to their content. Using a particular hashtag and a direct message to the customers makes them feel valued by the business.

Use social media tools to find every user posting about your brand and provide personalized replies to ensure users feel connected to a human and not a corporation, which skyrockets brand awareness.

4. Make visually appealing posts

Like emoticons add emotions to plain text, images and videos can add to your social media post and marketing content in general.

Get social media post design company to create more eye-catching posts that users will want to go through, and it even appeals to those who avoid reading plain text on social media platforms. Adding images, GIFs, or videos to your post makes them more accessible, which is SWIGGY often. And it works!

5. Use Hashtags (#) relevant to the topic

Another unique way of making a particular post create is using hashtags (#). This highlights the keywords you want your users to focus on and is helpful for tracking purposes.

For instance, while adding a hashtag on an Instagram post shows how many people have used the hashtag in their post, you use a popular hashtag to reach a larger audience. On the other hand, companies use a hashtag to track users using their hashtags and connect with them to open a new door of engagement.

6. Organize contests and giveaways

In the age of the internet, a little more strategic approach to acknowledging engagement can prove to be fruitful. You often need to provide your users with rewards for tweeting with specified hashtags, retweeting, or if they share your content.

Users feel more than happy to get engaged in a task if they get something in return. You can also provide these rewards by organizing contests and asking users to complete specific tasks, which will increase your brand awareness.

7. Keep posting frequently

Ensure to post regularly on your social media handles to show the audience you are always up to date. Any audience feels curious about what is happening in the company at any moment.

Providing this information on an immediate basis ensures those who follow keep following and provides a chance for follower growth.

Regular posting is necessary because millions of posts are made on social media every hour, and your story can be lost among them, and the user will not see it altogether.

8. Engage with the latest trends and Issues of society

Following the latest trends, and sharing and liking posts related to ongoing trends or issues relevant to your industry over social media is a fantastic way to show support and involvement.

If you assume a situation where you share or respond to legitimate content, which doesn’t ignite the offense, engaging with these posts will strengthen your reputation.

You show the users, irrespective of them being potential customers, that you respect social causes beyond your business, cultivating respect and admiration for your brand.

9. Use Analytical tools

The analytical tools are a boon to brand strategists. These tools provide analytical data regarding engagement generation on social media, websites, and more.

These data are further used to change existing campaign strategies or develop a whole new campaign for future engagement purposes.

These tools provide a lot of data starting from views count, click-through rate, optimal to post on social media, and more.


Engaging on social media is to put “social” back in the media. Act more like a human and less like a corporation to connect to your users. Like how we human beings make our family members feel special in various ways, make your followers feel special.

If you have any doubt regarding the strategy or posts, get social media post design company to assist you with the task. Put your engagement strategy to play and enjoy the returns in full.

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