Best YIFY/YTS Movie Proxy Sites for 2023

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YTS or YIFY Torrents are a group of P2P transfers that generally provide movies downloaded via BitTorrent. This provider (yify proxy) is one of the few companies on the Internet to offer small HD video quality. Therefore, this platform is trendy. The MPAA closed the original site in 2015.

The operator of the site was originally a New Zealander by the name of Yiftach Swery. The platform eventually used YTS, but the first three letters of the name of the owner of the abbreviation of YIFY and the last letter of the next surname.

When asked why the original YTS brand should get closed, Swery’s answer was simple. “Someone asked you to stop properly, and you stop and go. It’s all a rescue.”

You are not get connected to the original owner, but you can access the seed from a website called YTS. Go to to find the official site that currently operates under the old brand.

List of YTS Mirror Sites

Even if someone behind the controller of the YTS brand is present, you can find an incredible collection of films via the platform link. The streaming and download options often include copyrighted material, so most agents and mirrors allow geoblocking to prevent user access.

Due to the presence of various systems, some users have difficulty accessing this content using virtual private networks.

Here is a list of the best YTS agents and mirrors currently available. You will be redirected to the current version of the website even though some still operate under the YIFY logo.

Proxy websiteURLSpeed
yts.gs Fast
yts.pm Fast
yify-movies Fast
ytss.unblocked Fast
YIFY Movie ProxyYIFY Movie ProxyNormal
YIFY Torrent ProxyYIFY Torrent ProxySlow

Access to this site may seem different, but the content always comes from the same source. In short, the platform allows you to watch 1080p quality videos at your convenience.

YTS user experience

YTS provides a link to ads that appear at the top of the page as a method of monetization. These ads are location-based and show your home ISP based on your IP address or options based on previous searches to access your cookies. It is one of the reasons why virtual private networks have an advantage when using this site.

The platform is also one of the few platforms currently available, so if you wear glasses at home, users will have access to 3D movies and streaming content to recreate the experience.

Searching for content in YTS is not necessarily a user-friendly task. When you reach the home page, you get a selection of movies to choose from the poster images from your cast. Hover over the image to get a rating of the movie. Click the View Details button to select various availability options. Then scroll down to see the technical aspects of the film, such as FPS or voice.

The design of the interface itself is straightforward. This process does not allow for nonsensical research and procedures and provides quick and easy access to your favorite seeds. The most popular content is always at the top of the screen. In short, you can enjoy the content in seconds.

If you don’t want to see the movies listed on the home screen, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the referral link. Here you can visit the YTS blog or request specific content.

To access YTS content online

Since the closure of the original brands YTS and YIFY, many imitative names have got used to create download repositories. After some evolution and relegation of domain names, the domain name is the most familiar domain name and the only domain name available from Kickass Torrents and elsewhere.

Once the first hurdle (if any) is get overcome, you can use the platform to see that the benefits remain in the previous iteration to meet your content needs.

  1. Audio encoding is one of the most advanced systems currently available in torrents, which can reduce the quality issues that often occurred when downloading or broadcasting such content in the past.
  2. Security enhancements had got designed to enhance the user privacy experience and reduce the need to publish personal information to share or receive content.
  3. Today’s YTS advertising and malware problems are rare compared to the past.
  4. If you do not have access to the speeds available in your preferred language, you can choose to provide captions for your content.

Editing YTS subtitles (using the name YIFY) is a vital feature of the platform thanks to its rich collection of animations. You have access to several torrents that allow you to understand the conversation without trying to explain what is happening yourself.

YTS selection schedule for seeds

After the original owner closed the site, YTS became a different experience, but still offers the same user experience. If you choose Torrent, the benefits of a short HD video download time still exist.

If you like cartoons or movies, this site offers many possibilities to explore new content. Most files may contain copyright issues, but you may find new titles that were not get considered viewed using the platform.

Next, let’s use a virtual private network for the best experience. Today, some users can access the leading site using a standard browser, but there are many ISP geographies here. Anonymizing your traffic will help you define the views you want to see.

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