What are the Best Use Cases Of AngularJS Framework

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Angular or the erstwhile AngularJS has remained to be one of the rich JavaScript frameworks for web development. Introduced and supported by Google and constantly supported by a large community of web developers, Angular enjoys unparalleled popularity among developers for its scalable infrastructure uses for developing feature-rich web and mobile apps.

While several great JavaScript alternatives to Angular have already become popular among developers and there is constant buzz on Angular vs React among the developers, the framework remained popular thanks to several awesome advantages. No wonder, Angular is used by many of the world’s leading web apps now.

Here we are going to explain the core characteristics and benefits of Angular along with some well-known use cases across the niches.

What is Angular?

Angular which launched almost a decade ago as AngularJS was basically a JavaScript framework. It became popular as a great framework to build dynamic single-page web apps. As a client-side or front-end framework, Angular is supported across a multitude of platforms. No wonder, the demand for an expert Angular development company never ceases to come to an end. Angular is also the principal frontend framework in the popular MEAN stack of development.

Within the period of 2016 to 2018, Angular received several key updates from Google making it one of the most versatile and feature-rich frameworks for building performance-savvy web apps. Some of the core features and capabilities of Angular include cross-platform development, reusability of code MVC architecture, command-line interface (CLI), data binding, etc.

Key Advantages of Angular Web App Projects

Instead of describing the Angular benefits in gross terms, let us explain the biggest advantages of the framework in relation to key features. Here are the key advantages of Angular.

Command Line Interface (CLI) and Ease of Development

Command Line Interface or CLI helps to automate the entire development process and helps speed up development by faster initialization, configuration, coding, etc. By using Angular CLI, developers can also develop a new Angular project with the addition of additional features by carrying out unit tests for the entire project using just a handful of commands.

Angular Elements and Scope of Customization

The angular elements offered for the developers from the Angular 6 release helped developers customize web apps easily with features and design elements of their preference. Angular Elements can be used in web apps developed with other frameworks like JQuery, Vue, or React as well.

Detailed Documentation to Guide Developers Through a Project

Angular comes with very detailed and in-depth documentation comprising all the information and aspects that developers frequently need to consult. Angular developers instead of asking their fellow developers can just take the help of Angular documents for most problems.

Ivy Renderer Ensuring Lean Development Practice

Angular comes with Ivy Renderer that can easily clear out unused code and make the code more concise and structured. Thanks to this Angular apps can be leaner and lightweight for faster loading time.

Angular Material for Sophisticated UI Development

Angular Material is a package consisting of Material Design elements that can be utilized by app projects to build sophisticated user interfaces following Google’s Material Design principle.

Dependency Injection for Easily Maintainable Code

Another crucial feature of the Angular framework is the dependency injection that helps in converting the code into a more readable and easy-to-maintain format and this decreases the time required for testing. Naturally, the feature helps in reducing the development cost as well.

Angular Universal for Optimum Search Engine Visibility and Faster Loading

By ensuring server-side rendering and by converting the client-side pages into HTML, Angular Universal helps search engine crawlers find and index content better and fast-paces the loading speed.

Which Businesses are Most Benefited by Angular?

The angular framework has been highly recommended for single-page web app projects in the initial years. Since then, Angular went through huge evolution and multiple stages of development, and continuous value additions. Now, Angular comes as an instrumental tool for developing highly dynamic web apps, the latest Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and the most demanding enterprise apps.

Angular for Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) came as a fusion of the latest web technologies and native mobile app experience to give your good old website a mobile app like look, feel, and usability. Angular comes now with several inbuilt features for developing PWAs.

Angular for Dynamic Applications

Angular is widely used by developers to build dynamic apps consisting of dynamic content. Angular can be highly useful for building apps with dynamic features such as real-time syncing, streaming media, and many others.

Angular for Enterprise Web Apps

Angular is also widely preferred for developing large-scale enterprise apps loaded with robust features. From powerful navigation to autocomplete to advanced refactoring to cross-platform compatibility, reusability of code, and modular architecture, Angular offers everything that enterprise apps need.

Most Exemplary Use Cases of Angular

When it comes to using cases of Angular development, there are actually too many apps that deserve a mention. Over the years, Angular has been used in building exemplary apps across all niches and categories. Angular has been a top favorite for ambitious app projects because of the rich set of dynamic features, faster loading time and performance, and awesome support.

Let us now explain here some of the exemplary and notable use cases for Angular.

YouTube PlayStation 3

Who doesn’t know YouTube, the world’s leading video and entertainment channel for the masses? Yes, even YouTube for its latest PlayStation 3 app version relied on Angular. This YouTube app which is mainly created for video gaming and game video streaming found Angular as the befitting technology to address the feature and development demands for the app project.

Two key strengths of Angular, dynamic, and flexible architecture and rich streaming capability made it the ideal technology choice for video streaming and game app like YouTube PlayStation. No wonder, the app completely removed the mouse movements with keyboard strokes and ensured very easy navigation thanks to core Angular capabilities.

eCommerce Apps Such as T-Mobile

A lot of e-commerce stores are already using Angular for delivering a smooth and frictionless shopping experience. T-Mobile relied on Angular to do away with the waiting time for connecting to an app while the content keeps loading. The server-side rendering capabilities of Angular came in handy to minimize the loading time. The HTML code used for client-side views also helped them target search engine visibility better.

Thanks to the seamless and ultra-modern shopping experience created by Angular this leading telecom brand found a great boost with their e-commerce app enjoying a really exceptional search engine traffic flow to their site.

Real-Time Web Apps Such as weather.com

Weather.com which is widely popular for seeking real-time updates about weather conditions in all sorts of the globe has also relied on the Angular framework. The modular functionalities and rich directories of Angular help to utilize real-time features across multiple devices. Angular is a great fit for any real-time app because of its lean architecture and coding and dynamic data binding capability.


So, Angular is pretty robust, multifaceted, and powerful to take care of all kinds of web apps and their demands for sophisticated features and user experience attributes. Angular stands as the unbeatable framework to meet development needs across the spectrum and the above-mentioned use cases just give us only a partial idea about the strength of Angular.

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