Top Web Design Mistakes and How to Nullify Them

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Designing a compelling and attractive website is the foremost thing. You can’t make a single compromise on this note; otherwise, it will leave a wrong impression on your users. This is due to the fact that 50% of business credibility comes from web design and it only takes 0.5 seconds for users to form an opinion about a website.

Many businesses always tend to make mistakes in the web designing area. It eventually leads to customer and revenue loss. You have to give special attention to this note otherwise your business will remain no more in the competition.

So, have you ever thought over web design and the common mistakes you always made? I guess no, that’s why only 3 out of 10 websites are achieving their business goals.

No worries, my blog will help you out with it. It will surely help you to improve your web design. So, let’s get into the article.

Here, I have created a list of the common web design mistakes with their solutions.

Mistake 1: Not prioritizing intuitive navigation and accessibility

The first thing you always take care of is navigational elements. Your information page should be properly designed so that users don’t face any difficulty finding the information they are looking for.

How to fix it?

You can check out some latest trends in UI design. Some of these UI trends are:

  1. Simplicity is the crucial factor that should be considered while designing any webpage. So, if your web page is full of information, it will be better to split that into separate pages. It will help you design your website more intuitively.
  2. Use the sticky menus; these menus are super easy for site visitors and help you to boost your conversions too.
  3. Colored backgrounds give an elegant look to any webpage; you can easily add beautiful color to your menus and other navigation elements.
  4. Minimize the number of buttons on your webpage, make use of fewer links to get more conversions.

Mistake 2: A lack of clear call to action

If you want to succeed in your web designing project, the call to action button is a must. This particular part of a webpage is responsible for conversions and increasing revenue. Without a proper call to action, your webpage won’t convert users into customers.

How to fix it?

You can follow these steps to fix this particular part of a webpage:

  1. Make use of compelling headlines and subheads. These words will make your site visitors read the full content.
  2. You can try out some new techniques in CTA button designing such as colors, shapes, design layout, etc.
  3. Place Calls to action in prominent places on the webpage. For instance, they can be placed above or below the fold.
  4. Make use of the right colors that suit your web page design; otherwise, it will work against you in terms of conversion rates.

Mistake 3: No analytics to measure performance

It is not sufficient to optimize your site for search engines. You need to figure out the most effective techniques to increase conversions and revenue. It is only possible when you use proper analytics to measure performance.

How to fix it?

Some useful analytics tools can help you in understanding your website’s performance. Some of these tools are:

  1. Heat maps that show where users click on your web page design, this feature helps you improve your site design more intuitively.
  2. Mouse tracking software shows where users click on your webpage when they visit it for the first time; these details help you optimize your CTA buttons accordingly.
  3. Google analytics provides information about conversion rates, bounce rates, etc., so use it properly and fix all the areas you lack behind your competitors.

Mistake 4: Unclear brand messaging

Before designing a site, you should be very clear about brand messaging. You need to figure out the tone and type of text you want to convey through your website design project. If there is unclear messaging, then it will affect conversions and revenue.

Unclear brand messaging

How to fix it?

Below are a few tips that will let you follow a good brand messaging:

  1. Be very clear about your target audience. Consider all the factors such as age, location, language, etc., so that you can design the webpage accordingly.
  2. Determine the tone and type of website design elements (signs, icons, buttons, etc.) that you want to go with.
  3. Make sure your website design differs from others to build a unique brand identity.

Mistake 5: Weak search engine optimization (SEO)

It is not very easy to achieve top rankings on search engines; it needs only effective optimization to get good ranks on search engines. If your website lags behind others in terms of SEO, it will affect conversions and revenue. So, make sure you consider the factors that affect search engine optimization.

How to fix it?

You can use the following steps to follow a proper SEO approach:

  1. Make sure your keywords are correctly used throughout the webpage. It is a primary yet essential factor.
  2. Check the balance between long and short-form content and keywords. It is also necessary to boost conversions and revenue.
  3. For every page of your website design project, try to follow proper on-page SEO rules such as title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, etc.
  4. Make sure that you have proper internal and external links that allow users to navigate easily throughout your website.
  5. Always choose keywords, titles, and meta descriptions wisely so that search engines understand what is on offer for them.

Mistake 6: Not opting for a design-thinking approach before implementation

It is essential to consider your web page design project as a whole and not just one page. You need to follow a proper design-thinking approach to generate leads from different sources. Many other crucial factors, such as usability, functionality, etc., will be influenced if you do not follow good design thinking before implementation.

How to fix it?

Here are some tips that will help you follow the proper design-thinking approach:

  1. Identify your target audience and their pain points before moving ahead.
  2. Think about what you like and don’t like on other sites and apply those things to your site.
  3. Always keep in mind the core goals and aims of your website to generate maximum conversions.
  4. Make sure you use proper colors, text, images, etc., to make the design appealing for the target audience.
  5. Design one single page at a time because if the entire website design project has been completed in a hurry, it will affect its overall look and feel.

Mistake 7: Not prioritizing grids & columns

If you have designed your web page without a proper layout for text, images, videos, etc., it will be tough to provide an appealing experience to users. You must follow a good grid and column layout in your web page design project to offer visual appeals and practical functionality.

How to fix it?

Here are the following tips that will help you follow proper grids & columns in your website design project:

  1. Do not place any single object on the page. Try to arrange objects so that it looks visually appealing and practical at the same time.
  2. Try to use a proper grid system for images, content, videos, etc., so that it can provide users with a pleasant experience while finding and viewing necessary things on your website design project.
  3. Always try to avoid using long sections of text because it is time-consuming and will lead to distractions.

Mistake 8: Not adhering to a security-first, responsive design approach

A responsive website design project will be beneficial to providing a beautiful & practical experience to users on any device such as mobile, tablets, etc. You must always think about your web page design project’s overall security and functionality.

Not adhering to security-first, responsive design approach

How to fix it?

Here are a few tips that will help you follow the proper security-first, responsive design approach:

  1. Always use the HTTPS protocol to prevent unauthorized hacks and data thefts.
  2. Ensure that the designs must be responsive to provide users with an enhanced experience across different devices such as mobile, tablets, etc.
  3. Always remember that you should not put any third-party plugin before carefully reviewing its security and privacy policies.
  4. Try to use SSL certificates to encrypt the data of users and protect them from external threats.
  5. It is essential that different security protocols effectively protect front-end and back-end features.
  6. Try to avoid using any unnecessary plugins or third-party codes that may affect the performance of your website design project.
  7. Remember that you should not use the same password for multiple websites because it will be easy for hackers to hack your account across various sites if they know about your password.
  8. Try to use a strong password for protecting your website design project and its existing contents because it will allow you to enjoy complete peace of mind.

Mistake 9: Cluttering up the web design with too much content

You must keep the web design as simple as possible so that users can easily find the desired information in a short period. You must share only necessary things with users without cluttering up the web design with too much content because it will affect its overall look and feel.

How to fix it?

Here are the following tips that will help you follow proper SIMPLE content & layout in your website design project:

  1. Try to avoid using long paragraphs because it will be time-consuming for users to read all the contents in a short time.
  2. Stick to one single idea per page only so that users can easily understand your point without any confusion or disturbances.
  3. Always try to use descriptive text for headlines and headings to provide users with a clear idea about the information they are going to read.
  4. Try to avoid using too many images, videos, etc., because most of the users can’t watch them in a short time due to a lack of sufficient time and energy resources.
  5. You should not copy other content because it will lead to copyright issues.
  6. Try to use simple language while writing the content so that all types of users can easily understand it.

Mistake 10: Not designing multilingual voice-enabled website designs

Not designing multilingual voice-enabled website designs

You must always think about the various users visiting your web page design project to find necessary things. It is essential to provide a compelling user experience to visitors across different geographical locations to increase sales, conversion rates, etc.

How to fix it?

Here are a few tips that will help you design a proper multilingual website design project:

  1. Try to use the voice navigation option for providing an enhanced user experience to visitors across different geographical locations such as India, China, etc.
  2. Always keep in mind that you should not assume anything because most users do not read entire texts.
  3. Always provide the ability to users to view menus in different local languages so that they can easily find out their desired information quickly.
  4. Use appropriate images, symbols, etc., for portraying your brand’s central theme or topic because it will engage more users.
  5. Try to include the voice button in your web design so that users can easily understand their desired information by pressing that button only.
  6. Try to avoid using complicated words or phrases because it will affect your web page design project’s overall look and feel.

Wrapping up!

These are the most common design mistakes that affect the performance of a web page design project. You should always avoid making these types of errors because it will be difficult for users to find out their desired information in a short period due to a lack of practical user experience.

Try to apply the tips mentioned here in your website design project while keeping in mind all important web design principles so that you can quickly fulfill all your website designing needs for increasing productivity.

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