Top 10 Java Tools to Consider for Innovative Web App Development

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It has of no surprise to the fact that a majority of web app developers have sound knowledge of Java. The most sought-after, popular, and widely used object-oriented programming language. Java development is synonymous with creating interactive, feature-rich, and powerful web applications that ensure enterprise success at all levels.

Mainly, Java is divided into two different classes of users. One says that there is nothing like Java, as it is one of the simplest programming languages running successfully for more than 25 years. While the other spectrum of users finds Java a bit complex, hard to use, and quite intricated programming language.

No matter, which category of users you belong to, somewhere down the line, developers have utilized Java language and will be accessing the same in the near future.

Now, for the successful implementation of Java web app development, you need the external support of third-party tools and extensions. The Java tools are ideally used for the development and maintenance of enterprise applications.

Here, we have listed the 10 best Java development tools that you can access to increase web app development efficiency.

But before that, let’s first refresh the memory about Java.

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose programming language that runs successfully with a statement that, “Write Once and Run Anywhere”. It is the most used programming language by developers to build fully functional websites and applications belonging to different industry verticals.

It offers the distributed environment of the internet to speed up the development task to a maximum extent. Hire Java developers to program sophisticated-looking platforms and serve every single business purpose with ease.

List of 10 Java Development Tools

1. Java Development Kit (JDK)

It is an obvious fact that you certainly be needing JDK (Java Development Kit) to start the initial phase of Java web application development. Professional developers need to first get JDK that includes the necessary components including JDK Compiler, the Java Runtime Environment, and the Java APIs. The kit will surely help you get going seamlessly.

2. Eclipse IDE

Certified and trained Java developers definitely need the support of Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the best component of this is Eclipse. This Java development tool provides much-needed assistance in terms of code completion, syntax checking, and refactoring. Eclipse also includes the Java Development Tools project (JDT) which offers a wide range of plugins helping all types of Java developers.

3. IntelliJ IDEA 13.1

Another IDE for Java developers that should not be missed is IntelliJ IDEA 13.1. It helps developers to come up with innovative Java solutions and bring advancement in web app development. The multiple features of this tool boost productivity levels like Smart Code Completion, On-the-fly Code Analysis, and more. It offers advanced support for the successful development of websites and applications in the shortest possible time.

4. NetBeans

NetBeans offers a comprehensive suite of features like converters, editors, and code analyzers. It helps developers to make significant improvements in Java application development. The tool also offers a range of continuous improvements and advancements. NetBeans also offers the ideal benefits of a static analysis tool that helps you write bug-free code.

5. Junit

It is one of the best unit testing frameworks that help developers to write and run tests at various intervals. Developers find the liberty to test one block of code at a time rather than waiting for the module to be completed before running the test. You can test and then code the functionality to have very little doubt about the final performance of the application.

6. Oracle Jdeveloper

Oracle Jdeveloper is the best free IDE for Java developers to build a reliable Service Oriented Architecture with Java or Java Enterprise Edition applications. It is an ideal Java solution that offers a full development lifecycle.

7. Apache ANTTM

If you are looking for an open-source tool, then there is nothing better than Apache ANTTM. It is a useful tool by Apache Software Foundation that offers the greatest advantage of its simplicity. It helps developers to deal with several repetitive tasks and automate the same in a hassle-free manner. It one of the many features of this Java development tool.

8. Apache JmeterTM

Another useful tool from the stable of Apache Software Foundation is Apache JmeterTM. It is an appropriate testing tool for developers to test the performance and functional behavior of web applications, databases, websites, and more. It offers an easy-to-understand GUI that helps developers swiftly write a test plan and debug the entire application in the shortest possible time.


JRAT is a Java application performance measurement tool. This helps developers to find the potential issues with the application and find out the reasons for not performing well as per the desired requirements.

10. Apache Maven

Apache Maven is one step ahead of Apache ANTTM which we have already mentioned in the list. It helps developers to build actions, debug, and ensure collaboration that is a few notches higher than that of Apache ANTTM. With this tool, you can mention the exact location of your source code, and then assign the storage location of the resultant bytecode and decide how you want everything to be packaged in the JAR file.

The extensive list of Java development tools is not confined to the above 10 options only. There is more to add to the list depending on the development and maintenance task of the Java web application. You can choose to have it all or the preferred ones depending on your development requirements.

Wrapping Up

The listed Java development tools will certainly make a difference in enhancing the development of applications and websites. Developers can get free and paid access to different tools at different times whenever find they need to make some necessary changes.

If you are looking for Java development services from the hands of an expert partner, then get in touch with OrangeMantra. A leading Java development company offers the support of certified Java developers who have direct access to popular tools and extensions.


Java is a universally accepted programming language widely used for its simplicity, scalability, accessibility, and agility. There are several Java development tools available that help developers add significant functionalities and bring further improvements to web applications.

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