10 Top Augmented Reality Ideas for Startups and SMEs

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Augmented Reality has become a mainstream technology now. Many businesses are showing interest in it. In 2021, there were 0.81 billion augmented reality users. By 2024, AR users will reach 1.73 billion.

Source: Statista

Indeed, AR usage is gaining hype day by day. Businesses are finding it a new honeypot today. Top industries like Healthcare, Retail, and Education are using this technology and leveraging its benefits.

So, do you want to know the business opportunities with Augmented Reality for your startups and SMEs? If yes, continue reading this blog and know the top AR business ideas.

Now, let’s dig inside and know fantastic business ideas.

1. Sports App

Athletes use all kinds of sensors to track their health and fitness activities. They need an app that can accurately measure and provide them with heart rate and location data.

The best example of such an application is the Australian startup “Tallo”. Tallo AR gives users live feedback on their performance and training routines by showing them different data about vital statistics. The application uses the camera to scan the environment and provides valuable information athletes need to improve their health and fitness.

2. Shopping App

Augmented Reality technology is also being used in the retail industry. Apparel retailers use AR to provide their customers with information about sizes, fabrics, styles, and colors of all products they have on sale. When an individual holds a product in front of the camera, customer service agents pop up on your app’s screen to help them with sizing and style options.

The moment you hold a product in front of the camera. It appears on your screen as if you have that product from the store. AR allows users to try on clothes virtually and see how they look in different styles.

For example, Nordstrom’s app lets its customers take a photo of themselves and virtually “try on” the available clothes in the store.

3. AR Dating Services

AR dating is a new trend in the dating industry, and it’s growing day by day. People want a better experience while meeting new people and having fun with them. Apps like Tinder use location-based services to find potential matches near you. But while using these kinds of apps, you feel uncomfortable uploading your photos and checking other people’s profiles.

AR dating services combine the benefits of Tinder with GPS location finding to create an enhanced experience for its users. Users can see avatars in physical locations that align with their interests and hobbies. It makes searching for a date or hookup easier.

For example, SnatchAR is one of the best AR dating apps that uses Augmented Reality and allows people to find out more about their dates before meeting up in person.

4. Healthcare App

“Augmented Reality for Healthcare Market for displays component is projected to hold a dominant share, owing to the recent innovations”


Augmented Reality can positively impact healthcare services by increasing patient care and reducing medical errors, boosting the education and training of medical students, and improving operations in healthcare organizations.

AR allows medical professionals to study a patient’s MRI or CT scan in 3D, allowing them to get a better idea of where they need to operate. It can provide detailed views of anatomical structures, which would be difficult with other medical imaging equipment.

For example, AR-assisted surgery is considered one of the best AR business ideas. Medical students can view 3D models identifying anatomical structures and practicing medical procedures on virtual patients.

5. Maps & Tourism App

Yelp released an augmented reality feature in their app with which users can find out information about local businesses by pointing their phones at particular locations. Recently, the company announced a partnership with AR startup Virool to bring 3D effects to local business listings.

Google also has an Augmented Reality feature within Google Maps where you can point your camera at a particular location and get information about that place. It works only on iOS devices, but soon it will roll out for Android.

Another great app is WikiBeacon – this app lets you discover places of interest by scanning your surroundings with the camera on your phone. It creates a list of nearby landmarks and provides additional information.

6. Teleconference Apps

Businesses worldwide are looking for practical tools to communicate and collaborate.

AR can help small businesses increase customer engagement through teleconferencing apps, which allow their employees to meet and brainstorm ideas on improving or expanding their business. It makes communication between teams easier by working together in real time.

For example, LiveViewRift is an app that allows businesses to hold live meetings with their clients. It also offers remote support, training, and content sharing. It can also be connected to Microsoft OneNote for seamless note-taking.

7. Education


AR has been used in education as a teaching tool since the 90s to immerse students in virtual worlds without leaving the classroom. It has been used to enhance science and maths classes, giving students a chance to learn in a more social setting.

Technology is further evolving to develop better education apps that can help students learn better and reduce the number of mistakes while studying. One example is StudyAR, which uses AR technology to help students prepare for exams. It immerses them in a virtual test environment and allows them to practice as many times as they need until they score well on the actual test.

For example, StudyAR is a free education app that uses Augmented Reality to make studying more interactive and rewarding. This study aid helps students score better on exams by giving them hundreds of customizable, virtual exams.

8. Landscaping App

Augmented Reality business ideas can enhance landscaping services by giving clients an option to see what their property will look like before it’s transformed. Apps that allow users to visualize real-world objects with different effects provide customers with a better idea of how their properties will be transformed once they are done.

For example, GardenAR is an app that lets users visualize their gardens in 3D. The AR technology makes it easier for customers to see how much work has been done by showing the before and after images.

9. Marketing App

Augmented Reality marketing business ideas can help businesses boost brand awareness by creating interactive experiences for their customers using augmented reality apps. They can create promotional campaigns, which can be more effective if they are designed to make it easy for consumers to interact with brand content.

For example, Fashin is an AR app that lets users virtually try on clothes from different brands. The augmented shopping experience allows customers to experiment with clothing styles without leaving their homes or going shopping.

10. Painting Apps

With Augmented Reality, painting business ideas can help artists create more interactive experiences for their customers. It can be used for promoting painting classes or conferences and creating pictures that hide messages in images.

For example, the Procreate app lets users view their paintings in 3D before creating them. It also offers other AR tools like Apple Pencil and Brushes to make painting easier and faster. The final result is a fully immersive experience that combines real-life painting with digital effects.


Businesses worldwide are looking for innovative ways to gain an advantage over their competitors and stay ahead of the curve. AR can be an excellent tool for them. With it, they can expand their customer base by creating augmented reality experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse the business opportunities in augmented Reality and try out different ideas until you find something that works. You can also connect with an AR development company in India for better assistance. They’ll help you create an augmented reality app that will suit your business needs.

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