9 Best JustDubs Alternatives in 2023

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JustDubs is still one of the most popular streaming anime services. It has an excellent user interface for viewing large multimedia libraries. Not only that, as the name suggests, it also offers high-quality subtitles and narrative animation. However, some users need more features and options for streaming anime services. To date, there are nine best alternatives to JustDubs to watch transmitted anime.

Best JustDubs Alternatives 2023

1. Kiss anime

Website: https://kissanime.ru/

KissAnime is one of the most popular streaming anime services. That is why it is one of the best JustDubs alternatives on the Internet. Like JustDubs, you can find products on this site that contain both subtitles and animated series. It offers users one of the largest animation libraries, even with subtitles and dubbing. If you can’t find your favorite animated series, see KissAnime.

Also, it offers users various useful features. With these features, you can enjoy better viewing while enjoying the KissAnime animated series. Also, it provides other content related to anime, such as pictures, music, and books. But the main feature of this site is its powerful user interface. You can easily view all of the various anime components displayed in KissAnime.

2. Anime stream

Website: http://watchanimeonline.me/

Anime Stream is a website that grants an attractive user interface. Plus, you can quickly find your favorite streaming anime services or new streaming anime services with a graphical user interface. All sections and menus on this site had got well organized using this user interface. In general, in the given user interface, you can use this site to view your favorite anime series.

Also, all animated series in the animation stream can get played in HD format. As a result, the quality of the channel corresponds to the quality and design of the site.

3. Watchdub

Website: http://www.watchdub.co

WatchDub is a different excellent choice for JustDubs. Both offer users a series of animations and subtitles. Moreover, the site design is simple, so finding your favorite anime series is also very fast. The quality of all animated series on WatchDub is also very high. That’s why watching anime on any device is a great experience.

Not only that, unlike other available websites, WatchDub has a built-in media player. That is why you can watch the animated series directly on this site. On the other hand, other streaming animation services only offer streaming URLs. It would help if you also used this URL in applications such as VLC on the device. Fortunately, this is not so, because WatchDub has a built-in media player.

4. YouTube

Website: https://youtube.com

Although YouTube is not a strictly animated streaming service, it is still the most extensive online video streaming platform. This way, you can find almost all animated series on YouTube. And YouTube’s most significant advantage is that it’s completely free. Not only that, everyone can upload videos to YouTube so you can find your favorite anime series. It may have got uploaded to YouTube through several small channels.

Ever since Google developed this site, it has provided an excellent user interface. This user interface is better than all the other sites mentioned in this article. If you use YouTube when logging into your YouTube account, you will also see animated series recommendations based on your browsing history. Furthermore, YouTube also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS.

5. Anime story

Website: https://animestory.online

Anime Story contributes entirely different and the best anime list on the Internet. Anime Story pronounced subtitles and clips for your favorite anime. Not only that, it provides many features compared to competitors, as the site is entirely free. You see ads here and there, but they won’t bother you if you like anime shows in Anime Story.

6. Anime Land

Website: http://animeland.tv/

If you want to enjoy high-resolution anime, Anime Paradise is one of the best options. Not only that but some animated series from Anime Land can also get released on UHD 4k. It means that Animeland is ideal for watching animation programs on high-definition television.

Anime Land offers a user interface very similar to JustDubs. It means that if you’ve used JustDabs in the past, watching your favorite anime series on Anime Land will make you feel right at home. All site options and menus are easily accessible. Not only that, but you can also filter the search results. All these options make it easy to find an animated series on Animeland.

7. Anime paradise

Website: http://animeheaven.es/

Animation Paradise is one of the most popular streaming animation services on the Internet. That is why it can get considered as one of the best JustDubs alternatives on the Internet. Although the entire facility is completely free, there may be a balance between the quantity of content. Animated series are easy to find, but you can also watch them in high quality in Anime Paradise. Also, users can upload or broadcast animated series in Anime Heaven.

8. Go-go anime

Website: https://www3.gogoanime.in/

GoGo Anime is a streaming anime site in India, another excellent option for JustDubs. It is one of the latest streaming anime services published online. You can use it to display an extensive library of dubbed animated series with HD subtitles. Not only that, thanks to an adaptive user interface, it can also be used directly on a smartphone. The entire GoGo Anime site is fully compatible with mobile devices.

9. Netflix

Website: https://www.netflix.com/

If you don’t know anything about Internet streaming services, you may have heard about Netflix. Netflix is not a YouTube-only streaming anime service, but you can find the anime series on NetFlix. Also, Netflix is known for its products. It means that you can find animated series on Netflix that are not available for other streaming Internet services. Like Crunchyroll, Netflix is unfortunately not available for free. Instead, it would be best if you had a paid monthly plan. However, all features and options offered in this subscription are reasonable. It means that you can view Netflix from anywhere on any device.

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