How To Create a Tinder App and Know It Costs

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The increasingly advanced digital world has not only impacted worldwide business and commerce but has also come to alter and modify social and interpersonal relationships of man. Romantic relationships and the search for a life-partner have shifted to the smartphone screen. The stunning popularity of Tinder since 2012 has changed the way people meet each other. Matches are now made through swipes.

The dating industry is one goldmine for modern entrepreneurs where the key is to develop a mobile application similar to Tinder to nudge the way people meet one another in the online dating world. In this fast-moving world, it is only beneficial to Get more about tinder dating app clone and host a startup idea featuring the online dating niche.

Since a handful of relationships begin in the domain of the Internet, the annual revenue of dating applications cross a billion with more than a million users. Though Tinder is the most popular dating app till date, one must not hesitate in building their own application that caters to the dating world of humans. Study the dating market statistics, calculate the cost for developing a dating application and finally make a dating app similar to Tinder.

Dating applications help individuals find a potential suitable match for them based on criteria like age, gender, interests, location and other factors. The more the parameters match the more likely are you to be offered a profile that matches the likes of you.

Certain applications provide extensive filters or forms that individuals need to fill out before using the app. This helps the application make a better determination of profiles that match each other.

Why are Dating Apps Popular?

The widespread acceptance of the concept of online dating and online dating apps is the provision to screen people before having to meet them. Unlike traditional times, the element of mystery has been reduced in the process of meeting people and strangers. The simple and easy usage of the applications is another reason why people consider them to be valuable solutions and immediate opportunities of meeting someone one may like. Moreover, a dating app business is sure to thrive in such times when we are quarantined within our home due to the up surging pandemic. Therefore, let us take a look at the cost and learn more about tinder dating app clone development.

Features of Dating Apps

Firstly, the cost of creating any dating application is directly dependent on the kind of features that are including. However simple the usage may be, the algorithms of dating apps like Tinder have underlying complexities not visible to the millions of users.

One of the core requirements for building a dating app just like Tinder is to use the Facebook or other existing user authorization engines. This makes the profile setting and updating process easy from both the ends of the server and the client. Push notifications is another important feature that increases the authenticity of the application. User can choose to receive or not to receive notifications for each message, match, likes, etc.

The geo-location service and communication is the basis for all dating applications that caters to the urgency and time-sensitivity of individuals. When people are located in the same space, the app starts analyzing the interests, hobbies and other factors to find users their matches.

The financial outlook when committing to start a dating app business has to be carefully calculated. In order to survive the competitive market, the dating app needs to be free for users. However, entrepreneurs can offer more lucrative options and opportunities for users that can be availed only through a paid subscription. Hence, in-app purchase is a good strategy to generate revenue. Another method to boost monetization of your business is to offer premium features that users are willing to pay for.

The performance of your dating application also depends on advertisements. Businesses must offer ad-free versions that can be paid for by users to avoid a disrupted online dating experience. Promotional events and advertising with related platforms and services will boost the visibility of your dating software application.

The cost of a mobile dating application similar to Tinder would cost somewhere close to 50,000$. However, this is only a rough estimate and the actual cost can vary according to the features of the app and other important variables.

Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Dating App

To learn more about tinder dating app clone and turn your business idea into reality, let us take a quick look at the following steps.

Choose a Niche

Before starting to build a dating application, it is necessary for you to decide on a niche that would enable your business to stand out among the competitive crowd. Whether your app is based on food or lifestyle preferences or the idea of favorite pets, it is important that you base your dating app business around some common interest grounds.

Decide on a Business Model

A dating application startup has different business model options that it can opt for. For instance, in the premium model, the users are offered a set of basic features for free but are required to purchase the premium version for advanced features. Unlimited likes, profile boosting and advanced swiping are some of the features that users need to pay for. This helps the monetization process of your online dating business.

Choose the Technological Stack

The next pertinent step is to choose the technologies that developers need to work on to power and scale your application. The best asset of any dating application is its superior quality performance despite massive amounts of user information. In addition to the APIs and tech stacks, the developers are expected to deliver technologies are needed to have a perception and knowledge for offering solutions. While mobile application stacks include Swift, Java, Objective C and other stacks for Android and iOS, backend stacks use Python, AWS. Mapbox, Redis, Elasticsearch, etc.

Appoint a Development Team

There are a number of skilled and professional developers available in the mobile development market economy for dating app businesses to choose from. The portfolio, the experiences and the charges of the developer are some of the parameters needed to be looked into before selecting to hire a team of developers who would construct an application as envisaged by you.


The bottom line of a dating app business venture is to provide a user-friendly mobile application that helps people to find a suitable match and live a hassle-free dating experience. Although the development of such software applications can be tricky, one can learn more about tinder dating app clone development of hiring a team of experts for the same.

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