How ReactJs Emerges As Preferable Framework For App Development

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As mobile apps are elevating businesses to the next level, it’s time to choose the right framework to create an incredible application for your business as well. Amid several frameworks and libraries available today, it is pretty easy to get lost among so many options.

Moreover, most frameworks have created rich and unique front and backend development tech; hence, choosing one can be challenging. However, the future success of your mobile app and business depends on it; therefore, you need to make a wise choice.

ReactJS is an excellent choice that can leave a mark on the mobile app development ecosystem. It uses JavaScript, one of the most powerful and reliable programming languages of all. The primary reasons for its popularity are its super processing speed, rare infrastructure, and simple UI.

Find app developers who can understand your requirements and meet your needs. Moreover, the ReactJS development company can also help you notch up your mobile app as well as your business.

Why go for ReactJS when you have several other options? Why is ReactJS the most preferred framework for mobile app development? Continue reading this article, and you will know why!

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source JS library developed by Facebook, and this framework is used to create UI for single-page mobile apps. This component-based framework can develop intuitive, interactive, easy-to-use, and dynamic mobile & web apps. Being adaptable, flexible, and scalable, ReactJS is one of the highly-demanded front-end JS libraries in the app market.

Using this framework, app developers can develop apps at a massive scale without reloading the page where the data is shown in real-time. ReactJS aims to offer the best possible functionality for the end-users. It gains strengths by focusing on different components.

However, since this is a lightweight view library, it requires other tech and tools to get a complete architecture. This front-end library has received substantial popularity in the developer community with notable features, such as server-side rendering, live updates, and more,

The Story of ReactJS

ReactJS was created by Jordan Walke, a notable engineer at Facebook, in 2011. He envisioned building a JS library to simplify the mobile app development process and render a seamless UX. And since more businesses are identifying the significance of user experience (UX), it can prove tremendously useful to use ReactJS as it is the easiest way to provide a smooth UX.

Facebook incorporated ReactJS in its web apps in 2011 and later used it for Instagram in 2012. In 2013, ReactJS became open-source, and in no time, its implementation fastened. More app developers began using ReactJS for creating small to large-scale apps. Name a few Dropbox, Netflix, and Twitter.

Facebook released this open-source library as a cross-platform app development framework in 2015, and it received a great response from tech giants and businesses for app development. Slowly, ReactJS gave tough competition to several JS frameworks, including Angular, and reached a top position in the market.

Why Prefer ReactJS for Mobile App Development

1. It offers Massive Community Support.

Since being developed by Facebook, ReactJS has offered vast community support. Whenever app developers are stuck with challenges, they can take community help, ensuring that the whole app development process completes smoothly. Moreover, a solid community gives developers immense confidence to work on further projects.

It should be noted that the ReactJS community is currently growing in great numbers. App developers are dedicated to creating an enhanced front-end framework.

At present, ReactJS has 1535 contributors and over 181k stars on Github.

Various experts constantly share videos and blog posts about ReactJS, making the community even stronger. These experts also solve queries on multiple Q&A platforms like Overflow, Quora, etc., which are pretty reliable.

2. It is easy to learn.

Unlike other frameworks like Vue or Angular, ReactJS is easier to learn and understand. Since the developers are familiar with the JavaScript programming language, it becomes enormously easy to develop ReactJS-based apps. Hence, businesses can build their projects faster.

3. It renders an easy-to-maintain functionality.

When you realize that app development is a continuous process, and it’s not just restricted to building an app, you become a wise person. ReactJS allows app owners to solve issues much more quicker, and this framework is widely used in complex app structures. Top companies across the globe recommend ReactJS for mobile and web app development.

4. It is SEO-friendly.

Another great feature of ReactJS is its SEO-friendly framework. This is one of the valuable features to expand your brand based on SEO accuracy. ReactJS efficiently fixes the issues of search engines reading the apps’ JavaScript.

After addressing the issue, app developers can successfully run the application on the servers. At the same time, the framework allows the browser to run as a standard web page. This plays a significant role in uplifting your app’s ranking and making it more visible.

5. ReactJS accelerates the App Development Process.

ReactJS allows app developers to utilize separate parts of the app on the server side and client side. In simple terms, app developers can write different components without any fear of interrupting the whole app.

6. It is perfect for Mobile & Web Development.

Besides mobile apps, the business should also be covered with web apps. This open-source framework helps in building superlative mobile and web applications. ReactJS sticks to the same design & pattern and enables a seamless transition between mobile & web apps.

Thanks to JavaScript, ReactJS has a handful of rich UI that supports mobile apps regardless of the platform.

7. It is an excellent Cross-Platform App Development Framework.

Cross-platform app development enables you to use the same code for Android and iOS platforms. And ReactJS allows developers to develop apps on both platforms with a single codebase. This not only saves a lot of app development costs but also saves time.

Moreover, ReactJS got rid of the requirements for several languages, for instance, Java, Objective C, Swift, etc.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you several reasons to choose ReactJS for your business app. ReactJS is a high-quality framework worth your attention. You can also conduct your research to see other applications developed using ReactJS to know more about its extraordinary features and functionality. Good luck with your venture!

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