A Step-By-Step Guide To Build An On-Demand Courier Delivery Application

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The rise of on-demand apps has created a new trend in the delivery markets. Uber was the first to introduce the concept of on-demand delivery in the global markets. This concept has now reached every industry vertical like food, grocery,eCommerce, medicine, etc.

As per statista, the worldwide retail eCommerce sales will grow at 6.54 trillion (approx.) US dollars in 2022. So from this, we can say that the eCommerce market is going to flourish in the future. But the eCommerce industry is incomplete without the support of courier services because courier services provide great support to these businesses by letting them deliver their goods directly to the customer’s doorsteps.

After getting a clear view of an on-demand courier delivery application, you are definitely thinking of making one for yourself. But it’s not an easy task, you need to spend long hours developing it. The development costs are also very high. Still, if you want to make an on-demand courier app, you can contact a software development company for your app development. Read on to know about the stepwise procedure to make a robust on-demand delivery solution for your courier delivery business.

Things to consider when making an on-demand courier delivery app

On-demand courier delivery app development is a big task, it involves many things from choosing the business model to its successful launching in the play stores. If you want to build an on-demand courier delivery application for your business, then you have to consider a few things before starting with its development:

1. Delivery model

The selection of a suitable delivery business model is the first step to start with your app development. You need to choose a suitable mode of delivery for your business. Consider some important factors like your business goals, market conditions, target audience, resources, etc. before making your decision.

2. Courier delivery regulations

Before starting with your courier deliveries, you need to consider the rules and regulations of various countries. Check out how much size of the parcel they are allowing and plan your deliveries accordingly. Also, consider the taxes and charges applicable to the courier delivery.

3. Parcel packaging

The packaging is the most important factor to consider when you are making an on-demand courier and parcel delivery solution for your business. You need to define the packaging type as per the size and weight of the parcel.

How to make a successful on-demand courier delivery app for your business?

No matter which business type you will choose, it would never be easy for you to build an on-demand courier delivery app on your own. Here is a flow of app development for you to have a more clear idea of it:

1. Choose the right business model

There are two business models involved with the on-demand delivery business aggregators and business owners. In the aggregator model, the owner can directly connect with the customers. In the courier chain, the courier delivery owners have to connect with vendors and drivers for making deliveries.

Choose the most suitable model by considering multiple factors like type of business, size of business, target audience, market situations, etc.

2. Decide the set of features as per business goal

After understanding your business model in-depth, you need to define which features you want to integrate into your on-demand courier delivery app. Here are some essential features that you can integrate into your courier delivery app:

  • Push notifications

This feature is the most integral part of any on-demand delivery app. Push notification feature enables your customers to get real-time updates of their couriers like its current status, estimated time of delivery, or any change in delivery routes.

  • Rating and reviews

By using this feature, your app users can give ratings to your service. Also, they can write any review or feedback about your service via this feature. It will help you to make your service more customer-oriented.

  • Real time tracking

Courier tracking systems can be the real game-changer for your business if you develop them properly. Your on-demand courier delivery solution needs to be equipped with a robust tracking system. To create a robust delivery tracking system, you need a database for storing important things like courier details and the locations where you are delivering your couriers.

3. Start your app development

Now you have defined your set of features and decided your business model, so it’s time to start developing your on-demand courier delivery app. You need to consider design, testing, and engineering while developing your app.

There are two ways of developing your app, first is you can hire software development team or you can outsource your development work to the dedicated software development team. If you don’t have proper resources or enough technical knowledge then the second option is best for you.

Also outsourcing your app development work is beneficial as it will allow you to access the best talents from all over the world.

4. MVP creation and app launch

Many courier delivery businesses will make the mistake of launching a feature-rich app directly. The best decision for you is to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Once you launch MVP in the play stores, you can get suggestions from your users regarding your courier delivery app. Also, you can use this data in your business analytics software to get accurate business reports. It will help you to make concrete business decisions.

5. Post app maintenance

Your work is not finished after launching your app successfully in the app stores. You have to make constant improvements to your app for growing your business. The best way to improve your app is to start working on customer feedback. This feedback can also help you to change your ways of treating them.

Cost of making a robust on-demand courier delivery solution

The cost of making a successful on-demand courier delivery app depends on several factors like the type of app, its features, app development company, platform, etc. Also, the development rates differ from country to country, if you outsource it to other developers.

After considering the factors mentioned here, we can say that your app development costs will range somewhere between $21K to $29K USD.

Signing off

An on-demand delivery application can take your courier business to the next level. But then, merely developing an app is not enough, you need to consider various aspects to grow your business and necessary app features to provide your customers with the best on-demand parcel delivery services.

Here we have covered all the major steps of on-demand courier delivery app development. I hope you liked the blog. Thanks for reading.

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