7 Black Friday Marketing Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Campaigns in 2023

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, we get why you’re going through this read now! After all, what best time do affiliate marketers get other than Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays to pump their revenue? Yes! BFCM season is one of the seasons where not only you but almost all affiliate marketers gear up to increase their sales numbers and commission revenue!

And if you think that this is nothing but an understatement, here are a few statistical data that can prove you otherwise!

  • Affiliate marketing is itself a huge global industry that’s worth more than $11 billion.
  • Long gone are the days when Email marketing is the king because Affiliate marketing seems to catch up with the performance of its rivalry.
  • A huge 81% of brands heavily rely on the performance of their affiliate marketing programs.
  • Since the year 2015, affiliate marketers have been witnessing a YOY growth of 10% and there seems to be no backing down!
  • Affiliate marketers show strong dominance with improved sales and conversion rates irrespective of the customer’s age!

So, what do you think? We’re good to go? And since the Black Friday season is around the corner, you might as well gear up now because it’s better to be late than never!

Best Hacks to Increase Affiliate Sales During 2020 Black Friday Season

Whether Black Friday or not, the below-mentioned tips are going to help skyrocket your affiliate sales numbers which in return can get you a hefty sum of commission. So, let’s get on with some of the best Black Friday marketing plans!

1. Well Formatted Deals Page

This could be the special landing page you’ve created or a new blog post you’ve come up with for the BFCM season. But what’s important is that your page is ironclad and all set to drive conversions.

So, here are some of the elements that can make your deals page “good to go”!

Informative, “What Matters” Banner Image

We all know how exciting the Black Friday season can be and you might have come across the BFCM deals page with all the shiny stuff and animated banners and GIFs! Though that’s okay, overdoing it can make your visitors deviate from the goal!

This is why you’ve got to make sure that you maintain a minimal BFCM banner image whilst grabbing user attention using your deals. Try promoting your BFCM Deals in the banner image like this example here,


The user immediately gets to know what your BFCM Deals are which paves the way to further interaction – simple, attractive, and informative as well!

Display Your Deals Clearly

Cluttered deal displays or descriptions aren’t going to get you anywhere. The more cluttered and barbaric your deal descriptions are, the lesser the chances of conversions happening. So, make sure your BFCM page and deal descriptions are minimal and visually appealing. Here’s an example of the same,


Proper CTA Buttons

CTA Buttons can either make or break your website! Having a well-optimized CTA button can help increase user engagement and drive sales seamlessly. The following characteristics can help create a good CTA button for your BFCM deals page,

  • Contrasting CTA buttons that are an apt match for the background.
  • Engaging CTA button text like “Grab My Deals”, “I Need This” and more.
  • Proper placement of your CTA buttons in accordance to deal listings.

As for the color aesthetics, the above-mentioned image is a good example!

Now that we’re done with the deals page layout, let’s head to the next tip that’ll help boost your Black Friday marketing campaign.

P.S. In order to improve your BFCM page rankings, you should make sure that you follow the basic SEO strategies. This read can help you do the same!

2. Gather Data from Competitors

It’s brilliant that you’re coming up with ideas on your own but it’s always great if you take a look at how your competitors crack them! Because the brightest of ideas sometimes come by taking a look at what your industry peers/competitors do!

You can get insights from your competitors by,

  • Taking a look at their BFCM deals page.
  • Signing up for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday newsletters.
  • Following a certain set of people who have been successfully running BFCM campaigns every year.
  • Set Google alerts for certain keywords and sees what results come up every now and then.
  • Gathering backlink data using SEMrush or Ahrefs or Moz.

Taking a further step, you can even proceed to the checkout page and see the intermittent steps they’ve come up with.

Doing this helps you get an idea of what most of your competitors out there are doing. Find out the most common scenarios and try to improvise, tweak and match them to your business needs!

3. Leverage Email Marketing & Notify Your Email Subscribers

Create a “Get! Set! Go!” kind of scenario for your subscribers.

Allow me to explain – creating a scenario where your users would be eagerly waiting for your deals to become live is one of the best ways to drive sales for this Black Friday! And letting them know well in advance by sending them emails should help you do the job!

Speaking of emails, here’s a template I thought would be useful to you!

Email Draft 1 – 7 Days Before Black Friday Sales

Subject: xxx, Gear Up for Best Deals this 2020 Black Friday

Hi xxx,

Black Friday is a week away and we thought you could use some of the best deals on best in the industry tools & software!
Get an xx% discount on any tool you purchase when you use the coupon code XXXX40!

Gear up! We’re just a week away – deals go live on xx-xx-xxxx!

Hope to see you on the other side.


The above is an ideal template when you are an affiliate marketer who displays deals of marketing tools or any other online software for that matter of fact!

Similarly, you can construct a Black Friday email marketing campaign that’ll help your subscribers stay informed about your deals which in turn drives sales with ease.

Here’s a schedule you might find effective!

  • 1st Email – 7 days before your deals go live.
  • 2nd Email – 2 days before your deals go live.
  • 3rd Email – On the day of BFCM deals
  • 4th Email – 2 Days after the deals go live (probably a warning email that your deals are about to end).

You can always come up with a campaign that suits you the best! We’ve seen email marketing. Now to the next one!

4. Deep Insightful Product Reviews

Sometimes, a couple of lines about your product aren’t going to do the job. Your audience would need to know more about the product you’ve displayed. This is why you need to write in-depth product reviews about the listed product.

You can either have a separate landing page or link it to a blog post where you’ve written more about the product. Or you can also come up with videos/podcasts where you have done the same.

While doing it, make sure that you

  • Mention the advantages the user is going to get when they purchase the product.
  • Mention the different pricing plans and the features comparison accordingly.
  • Do not forget to display customer testimonials of happy customers – this could influence your customers to make informed decisions.
  • GIFs that explain how the product works would be an added advantage that’ll give your users an idea as to how the product will be.

Coming up with a product review with the above-mentioned features will help your audience understand more about your deals which eventually will drive crazy conversions in the long run.

You’re almost all set for your BFCM campaign since you’ve got the basics ready – you’ve got yourself a landing page, and product descriptions page and you’ve already notified email subscribers about your BDCM deals as well!

Now that the basics are all set, we’ll go a bit out of the box!

5. Use Website Popups to Display Deals

It’s not always necessary that your visitor might not end up on your deals page. And he/she could be a potential customer who has been misguided. This is why you need to make sure that you use website popups to guide them to your deals page.

Here’s an example of a website that has used popups for displaying BFCM deals


Cool right? Similarly, you can come up with a diverse range of popups on your website to grab attention and increase BFCM sales. You can also conduct giveaways and contests if you want to!

P.S. If you’re not sure how to create popups, you should get started with Optinly – a popup builder that requires no coding or designing experience.

6. PPC and Social Ads

Though this is not an option most affiliate marketers would go for, you can try this out if you’ve got the budget.

Pay-per-click is one of the common forms of advertising most SaaS companies and services would opt for. Since the returns are good, as an affiliate marketer, you should also consider using the same for your BFCM marketing campaign.

This is just a basic idea. If you haven’t run PPC ads before, this ultimate guide can help you learn how to run PPC ads from scratch!

7. Social Media Handles

And of course, how could we be missing the social media handles? Social media platforms are one of the best sources of letting your audience know about your BFCM Deals. You can simply create captivating images with fascinating wordings along with your BFCM offers.

You’ll be surprised by the engagement you’ll be getting! Also, social media platforms are an ideal place to conduct giveaway contests – being creative can be an additional advantage in increasing your BFCM sales!

Pro Tip: Knowing the right time to post on social media platforms helps increase engagement and conversions. You can find the best engagement time for different social media platforms in this read!

So, how good was it? If you hadn’t noticed already, we’ve come across some of the best hacks that would help boost your Black Friday affiliate marketing campaigns. All you’ve got to do is, explore a bit more, tweak further and come up with customized versions for your business!

Black Friday is something that comes only once a year and as an affiliate marketer, there’s no better time to increase your revenue than this. With only a couple of weeks left before the big day, it’s time that you start stepping up your game if you haven’t already! Because it’s better to be late than never!

Best wishes for your BFCM sales!


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