5 Best WordPress Plugins for Email Subscription in 2023

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If you want to run a successful business online, use the best email subscription WordPress plugins.

Promoting a business page, post or blog is the most important task today and it can be done in a variety of ways. One of them is creating an email list through email subscription WordPress plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins for Email Subscription 2023

1. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers is a complete newsletter plugin that lets you collect leads, send automated new blog post notification emails, create & send broadcasts and also manage them all in one single place.

Email Subscribers is a fully-featured subscription plugin specially created keeping in mind all the needs and requirements of a regular blogger, website owner, marketer, and developer. It helps you achieve all the things you need to build a list and keep them engaged within a single plugin.


  • Own your data – Keep your data on your server.
  • Store unlimited Contacts
  • Create unlimited Broadcasts
  • Create unlimited Post Notifications
  • Create unlimited email templates
  • Create unlimited forms
  • Subscription spam check with domain blacklists,
  • GDPR ready
  • Seamless integration with WordPress users
  • Single And Double Opt-In plus privacy checkbox for EU laws compliance
  • Compatible with every SMTP plugin: WP Mail SMTP, Post SMTP (aka Postman), Easy WP SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail, WP Mail Bank
  • Send Post Notifications to contacts when new posts are published.

2. Subscribe2

Subscribe2 provides comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for WordPress blogs that send email notifications to a list of subscribers when you publish new content to your blog.

Subscription requests allow users to publicly subscribe (Public Subscribers) by submitting their email address in an easy-to-use form or to register with your blog (Registered Users) which enables greater flexibility over the email content for per-post notifications for the subscriber. Admins are given control over the presentation of the email notifications, can bulk manage subscriptions for users, and manually send email notices to subscribers.

3. BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

This powerful plugin allows users to receive email notifications of group activity. Weekly or daily digests are available. Each user can choose how they want to subscribe to their groups.

Please note that this plugin requires BuddyPress, as well as the BuddyPress Groups and Activity components.

There are 5 levels of email subscription options:

  1. No Email – Read this group on the web
  2. Weekly Summary Email – A summary of new topics each week
  3. Daily Digest Email – All the day’s activity bundled into a single email
  4. New Topics Email – Send new topics as they arrive (but don’t send replies)
  5. All Email – Send all group activity as it arrives

4. Email Subscription Popup

Wp Email Subscription is a plugin that can be used as a newsletter subscription. This is a very easy-to-use plugin. Admin can set if newsletter modal should appear for each unique visit for any page or home page. Admin can also set a link for newsletter signup. When clicking on the link the modal popup of newsletter signup will appear. This plugin provides full customization of each and every label message and error message. This plugin can be used for any website localization.

Additionally, the admin can view the list of subscribers and also can delete selected subscribers. Admin can send a mass email to subscribers. Admin can also view the list of unsubscribers. This plugin also can be used for responsive sites.


  • Newsletter subscription
  • Responsive design
  • View list of subscribers
  • Mass email to subscribers
  • Delete subscribers
  • Newsletter widget available
  • View list of unsubscribers
  • Plugin ready for translation
  • Gdpr compliance add checkbox I agree
  • Show hide I agree and Name field
  • Added WordPress capabilities feature

5. Popup Maker

Popup Maker can rocket the efficiency of your products, the attractiveness of your website, the flow to your website, the traffic at your social accounts, the flexibility of your projects, the number of your core customers, the ease of usage of your website, the lightness of perception of your product and website.

Popup Maker is a standalone application with many web platforms’ integrations, including WordPress.


  • Create and manage as many popups as you want
  • Create a popup using our awesome templates
  • Popup look and feel customization
  • Popup animation effect customization
  • Beautiful opt-in forms
  • HTML popup – create a popup with custom HTML content
  • Mailchimp popup – collect subscribers for your newsletter, which will go straightly to your Mailchimp lists.
  • Facebook page like element – make your service more popular on social networks with a Facebook popup.
  • Google Maps popup – show your company address, or other important locations inside the popup, via the Google maps interactive element.

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