5 Best Music Apps for Android in 2023

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In the last few years, the Audiophiles have been on the edge of their seats with a lot of options coming out for streaming music. Hundreds of thousands of songs of different genres and languages are available at a very reasonable price.

Music lovers have a vast spectrum of tastes in terms of songs they prefer. These streaming apps understand it and have incorporated a lot of different features that help the users in finding the right song for the right mood.

In recent years, Apple Music, Google Play Music/Youtube Premium Music, and Amazon Prime Music have heated to battle to a whole new level. Here is the list of the top 5 music streaming apps for Android users.

Best Music Apps for Android 2023

1. Apple Music

The company that is behind the iconic iPod which disrupted the market to a large extent, has one of the best music streaming apps available for multiple platforms. If you have an Apple ID, you can stream thousands of songs for free on your smartphone.

The premium customers have access to more than 45 million songs and the company adds hundreds of songs every day to the list. The price for paid subscription starts from $0.99 for students.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is without a doubt “the” app of the hour. For those who are constantly looking for new artists and want to connect with the other audiophiles at a more personal level, SoundCloud is the best option.

New artists can upload up to 6 hours of content free of cost which makes it even more desirable in the market. Also, there is no need for a contract with a record label for the artists to publish music on SoundCloud making it even easier and cheaper to find a space to connect to fans.

There are two options in terms of subscriptions. The “Go” plan is free of cost but you won’t have access to licensed music which you generally find on other music apps. To have that access, you need to buy the premium service i.e. “Go+”.

3. Amazon Prime Music

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you automatically get access to Prime Music. There are hundreds of thousands of songs in the library and you can create your playlists as per your choice.

With over 30 million songs in the collection, Prime Music is gaining momentum at a very fast pace in terms of users across the globe. Amazon Prime Music can interact and listen to commands through Amazon Alexa and playback the songs on Echo and Dot.

4. Google Play Music/Youtube Premium Music

Google Play Music has been around for the last few years and recently Youtube Premium Music is making its way to the news for all good reasons. Unlike other music apps, Youtube Premium Music has the option to play Music Videos as well.

There is a lot of content that you can explore at a very nominal price. Currently, premium access to these apps is available at just $1.99 per month which is much cheaper in comparison to other apps. On top of it, you can try the services for 14 days for free.

5. Gaana

As the name suggests, it is all about the songs and music. You will have access to tons of features including offline streaming at just $1.99 per month. In offline mode, you can play music on up to 5 devices. Gaana allows you to connect your Facebook account to the app and follow your friends to share playlists. Features like gapless playback, night mode, and sleep timer make this app different from the competitors.

Music not only soothes your senses but also connects you to like-minded people around the world. These apps help in finding the right songs and stream them as per your choice. As these apps do not require you to download the music to play them, it saves a lot of space on your devices.

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