5 Best Fax Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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If you’re looking for a way to send fax from your iPhone, there are several apps that will do the trick. While some of these apps offer more features than others, all of them have the basic functionality that you need when sending and receiving faxes.

Here are our top five picks:

Best Fax Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. iFax

iFax is a free app that lets you send and receive faxes on your iPhone or iPad. The app can send up to 10 pages per fax, but if you need more than that, there are some paid options available as well. For example, one of the most popular features of iFax is its ability to scan documents and use them as faxes in order to avoid having paper copies of important information floating around.

You can create a cover sheet for each document before sending it by adding your name and contact info at the top of each page (or even just one line). Once all of those details have been entered into iFax’s database then they’ll be printed automatically onto every page sent through this service!


FAX.PLUS is a free app that lets you send faxes right from your phone. It features a searchable directory of contacts, as well as the ability to print and fax from the same app. The app can save faxes to your phone so they’re available when needed, and it works with Google Drive so you can access them there too if necessary (you’ll need permission). You can even send a fax from your email account—just tap on the “email me” button in the compose window and enter an email address or contact name into its corresponding field before tapping Send!

3. eFax

eFax is one of the most popular faxing service available. It’s available in over 200 countries, and it can be used on mobile devices, including iPhones.

eFax offers a free trial that allows you to send up to 10 pages for free before paying for your account or subscribing to another plan (the standard monthly rate is $5). The app also has excellent reviews from customers who have used it for years—and even those who only tried it out once or twice!

4. HelloFax

HelloFax is a powerful and easy to use fax app that works across all your devices. You can send faxes from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android phone. It even supports sending faxes through the cloud!

HelloFax is one of the best apps on Apple’s App Store because it allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world with minimal setup required. There are no complicated settings or complicated menus; simply select which type of device you want to use (iPhone/iPad) then fill out some personal information about yourself before sending off the first page of your document.

Once this process has been completed successfully there will be an option within HelloFax called “Send Fax” where all future pages can be sent using this app without having any problems whatsoever being encountered by either party involved in any transaction between them both – including pricing fees for each item purchased as well as postage costs associated with shipping items back/forth between different locations around planet Earth – everything gets handled automatically via algorithms running underneath quantum mechanics when these things happen so don’t worry about anything else except making sure those boxes get filled out properly before hitting submit button down at bottom left corner when ready.”

5. FaxFile

FaxFile is a great iPhone app for sending faxes. It works with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and allows you to send faxes to multiple recipients at once. You can also select your recipients in a row or individually before sending the fax.

You can use this app to send professional-looking documents like invoices, contracts, and sales receipts by way of traditional fax machines or modems connected through Wi-Fi networks (such as those found in coffee shops).

There are many ways you can fax from your iPhone.


FAX.PLUS, which is available in the App Store for $0.99, has been around since 2010 and allows you to send a fax via Wi-Fi or 4G/5G mobile data connection. The app has an impressive array of features including text-to-fax, voice recording, and auto-correction capabilities (which we found useful when trying out the app). It also includes support for multiple recipients—up to 32 recipients at once!

HelloFax ($2) takes a different approach by allowing you to send faxes from your phone directly over SMS messaging service instead of through an app like FAX., so if that’s more up your alley then this might be worth checking out too!

We hope this list has helped you find the best phone app for sending faxes. There are many great features to choose from, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for your needs. However, we’re confident that if one of these five apps isn’t working exactly how you want it to then there will be another option available soon enough!

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