5 Best Email Apps for Android in 2023

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Smartphones have become the main device for checking emails for most of us. Email apps like Gmail, Outlook, etc now have mobile apps with tons of functionalities that enable you to do a lot while you are on the move. There are a lot of options available in the Play Store for Android users. Here is the list of the 5 Best Email Apps for Android that you can use to enhance your emailing experience.

Best Email Apps for Android 2023

1. Gmail

Well, there is no need for an introduction to Gmail. Developed by Google, it is the default email app for Android. There are a lot of reasons that make Gmail the best free email App available in the market.

For example, Gmail sorts your email accounts automatically and connects to POP3, etc seamlessly without much hassle. From labels to assigning messages to categories, Gmail does everything perfectly and seamlessly.

It comes as a pre-installed app on Android phone and offers in-app purchases starting from $5 per month in case you want to increase the space from the default 15GB allotted to you.

2. Outlook

For those who are familiar with the Windows ecosystem, Outlook is a well-known name. Microsoft has developed Outlook as a standalone email app that helps you in organizing your emails in the simplest possible format.

Microsoft’s calendar integration in Outlook is one of the best features of the app especially if you like to organize your schedule directly via email. The app is available for free and if you want to use it commercially, the Office 365 Suit will cost you $8 per month per user.

3. ProtonMail

Known for its simplistic design and end-to-end encryption of the messages, ProtonMail is one of the most famous email clients among Android users. It uses open-source implementations of RSA, AES, and OpenPGP to ensure complete security and safety of the users.

Though the app is available for free for all users, its paid version has more features to help you organize your emails and an additional cloud storage facility.

4. Spark Email

This new kid on the block was launched in the first quarter of 2020 and it is gaining popularity at a quick pace. The simple user interface, basic structure, and advanced features like snooze email, schedule email, reminders, and pinned emails are some of the reasons its user number is on the rise.

5. Bluemail

Among the most popular apps, Bluemail has a special spot. The app allows you to seamlessly import all your email accounts from different clients like Gmail, Outlook, POP3, and many others. The app has features like configurable menus, group mail, share email, unified folders, and night mode which are quite helpful.

Emails are an essential part of our professional and personal lives. Using a secure and easy-to-use email app can make day-to-day chores much easier and seamless.

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