10 Amazing things you can do on Windows using VPN

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COVID’19 made millions of people to sit back at home and work. This has increased data consumption drastically at an abnormal level. That, in turn, affected the speeds. The threat from hackers also increased like never before. VPN usage, which produces both speeds and protection from malware and threats, has also taken a growth proportionately. You may be aware that by using a VPN, you can browse the internet anonymously, which is a needful requirement in the current age of privacy invasion and surveillance.

We are providing the 10 amazing things about Virtual Private Network (VPN). We should be careful while choosing the VPN, too; several companies provide VPN services. But make comparisons before deciding upon the VPN that suits your requirements. Not only comparison, but you can also check reviews and real-time ratings to get the best product in the current market. A good part of the VPN market, we can get them for free exclusively. Have a look at the Top 5 Free VPN for Windows of 2021 for basic understanding.

Unlock International Libraries from Geo-Restricted Content

Unlocking Geo-restricted content is one of the main reasons why many use VPN. It could be business or work related content, Sports events streaming, media content, entertainment stuff like OTTs, and more. Whatever it could be, which is being restricted due to geological factors, copyright laws, censorship, and licensing agreements, you can bypass all these barriers and access the content using a VPN with a server in the country of origin.

Protect your identity & Personal info

VPN highly improves your internet security. Many people are not aware of the security threat of using open Wi-Fi networks, those found at public places like coffee shops, malls, airports, hotels. Many of these routers use default admin login/password. It makes them vulnerable. It becomes extremely simple for a hacker to access the router and steal files by spreading malware to the connected devices. Using a VPN, your internet activity is always encrypted at the level of military-grade encryption. Even if a hacker tries to snoop on your traffic, they can’t be able to read or recover any of your login/passwords.

Speed up your internet access

Internet service providers (ISPs) throttle their customers’ web traffic. It results in slower speeds than they claim in their advertisements. This happens when you mainly do or use activities of high-bandwidth activities. ISPs can inspect and separate internet traffic into the throttle and “don’t throttle” categories. Using a VPN with strong encryption, you can make your ISP unable to read your traffic or separate your activity into high and low-speed tunnels. The result is, your ISP must legally route all the traffic at the advertised connection speed.

Bypass censorship & Site blocking

Some countries are highly determined to control the information their people can and cannot access. Few countries try to block access to various file-sharing sites. Strong encryption & private DNS servers make it impossible for ISPs to intercept the DNS queries, allowing you to unblock any site easily that your country is restricting.

Save money while Booking tickets

Travel websites, car rentals, and airlines use cookies, geolocation, and other data to target potential customers. The more interested you are, the more money they are going to charge you. They have different fares based on your location. Use a VPN to get around this. Stay anonymous and so that you can avoid them targeting you. You make them locate your IP address in a different country. Thereby, you can prevent higher priced fares.

Watch Free Streaming of Other Countries

Good VPNs have servers in multiple locations in multiple countries. That helps VPNs to reroute your IP address. It makes you appear or be located in another country. Staying in the UK, you can watch the BBC in the US. Staying in the US, you can watch Netflix in the UK. You can watch your favorite movies through Movie proxy sites in the VPNs too.


Staying anonymous is very crucial, sometimes. Every time you visit a site, your visit saves a log. The webmaster then uses Google Analytics or other tools. They follow your digital activity and discover you and your interest in visiting their site. If you are researching a competitor or some other site where you don’t wish to keep your identity a secret, you can use a VPN. Using a VPN, the website can still log your visit. However, you were logged as a random user with a different IP address. So, your identity remains a secret.

Get multiple accounts

Using a VPN, you can get and keep multiple accounts on a site or a web service. Happily choose a VPN server in a unique location each time when you open a new account. VPN doesn’t ask you the reasons. Perhaps, that might be highly important for you.

Shop Online staying Abroad

One of the rewards of going abroad is shopping. You can visit stores, products, and prices, which you might not find in your nation. The issue that can arise from purchasing from a retailer of another nation is the chance for the hassle. You may use a credit or debit card issued in your country while you shop in another. That very quickly raises red flags. The minimum hassle is it makes your online shopping a pain. In the worst case, it may prevent you from purchasing on the whole and using a VPN for online shopping with a host’s location in your own country that can avoid red flags and makes your online shopping hassle-free and more pleasant.

Free services & Get more from websites

Let’s think that you have probably been on to a website, which lets you avail yourself a free trial or access to its free content for a limited period or resource. Such sites track users based on their IP addresses. Using a VPN, you can switch your IP addresses and always open the website you wish in a new private browsing window every time. They will always treat you each time as a new visitor.


Therefore, we came up just with the basic advantages and explained them in detail. There is a wide range of advantages of using VPNs in Windows. Each company offers several packages that may be free or paid. So, plan the subscription according to your needs and period of usage. You can also make your VPN purchase profitable by using the working coupons & deals online.

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